How To Use iPhone | The big picture

How To Use iPhone

What's an iPhone? How To Use iPhone : An iPhone is a smartphone - in other words, a mobile phone that doubles as a handheld computer, complete with web browsing, email, music playback and the ability to run applications, or "apps". The device is produced by Apple, manufacturers of the iPod, iPad and Mac computers. After years of speculation, and to great media fanfare, the iPhone was launched in the US and UK in 2007, with an updated version … [Read more...]

How To Use iPhone | Connecting Wi-Fi, Bluetooth And Other Airwaves

iPhone WiFi Networks

The iPhone can handle various kinds of wireless signal; GSM, for phone calls; GPRS, EDGE and 3G for mobile Internet access; Wi-Fi for Internet access in homes, offices and public hotspots; and Bluetooth for connecting to compatible headsets and earphone systems. This chapter takes a quick look at each of them. . Airplane mode Airplane mode, quickly accessible at the top of the Settings menu, lets you temporarily disable GSM, GPRS, EDGE, … [Read more...]

How To Use iPhone | About Texting, SMS & iMessage

iPhone iMessage

How To Use iPhone : "Texting", also known as text messaging or SMS, is familiar to anyone who has ever used a mobile phone. However, on the iPhone, it works a little differently. For a start, you get a full QWERTY keyboard (no more multi-tapping number keys) and your texts are shown as threaded conversations. The second difference is that you're not limited to old-fashioned SMS text or picture messages. When sending a message to an iPhone or iPad … [Read more...]

Big Sale for iPhone 5S and 5C in The US

iphone 5s

  Hello, shopaholic ! Well this one is great news for all you. Why ? You should know that Apple give big sale for their product, especially for iPhone 5S and 5C. But those discount just for American. Is it indication of iPhone that they will produce new generation because a lot of pressure from Android smartphone ? Discount for iPhone occur in their native country, United States. Walmart said that they sell iPhone 16 GB only USD … [Read more...]

iOs Security Fix: Two Step Authentication Like a Double Edged Sword | Basic Mac


Apple has introduced a new system for logging into Apple ID accounts. The revised authentication process requires users to complete 2 steps before they can access their account details or make changes to account settings. The two process is currently voluntary, but once setup it also requires two pieces information to download purchases from iTunes, the AppStore or the iBookStore to a new devices, or to get Apple-ID related support from … [Read more...]

How To Use iPhone | Running and Switching Apps


How To Use iPhone : To launch an app on your iPhone, simply tap its icon. To close it, press the iPhone's Home button - though as we'll see, the app may continue to run in the background. Fast app switching If your iPhone has iOS 4 or later, then double-clicking the Home button when your phone is in use reveals a panel showing your recently used applications. This is extremely handy, enabling you to quickly switch between apps without having … [Read more...]

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