Inside The iOS | iOS Features


It is faster, sleeker and smoother, which are just three reasons for the huge list of why the iPad has to be regarded as the pinnacle of the tablet market! Not to mention the huge array of re-installed features and applications of iOS 5 that will expand your vision and expectation of interaction you can achieve on a tablet device. Our goal over the following pages is to introduce you to the unbeatable iOS 5 features so you can realize the full … [Read more...]

iOs Security Fix: Two Step Authentication Like a Double Edged Sword | Basic Mac


Apple has introduced a new system for logging into Apple ID accounts. The revised authentication process requires users to complete 2 steps before they can access their account details or make changes to account settings. The two process is currently voluntary, but once setup it also requires two pieces information to download purchases from iTunes, the AppStore or the iBookStore to a new devices, or to get Apple-ID related support from … [Read more...]

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