The New Apple, iOS 7 | Facts About the Apple iOS 7


Apple consistency to improve and expand the Company's support for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad again evidenced with the release of iOS 7. And this time Apple offers the addition of more specific, and can make a big difference for big business, both those who manage devices in IT at companies large and small.   Here are some facts about the apple iOS 7 that will launched:   The addition of security programs in iOS 7 … [Read more...]

Tips for iOS7 : Swipe The Screen And Get Your Shortcut


Officially , Apple has released an operating system for their new version mobile products  , iOS 7 . Here are some interesting tips about iOS 7 . In a statement , Apple said that iOS 7 brings a lot of changes and new features in it . Due it’s new and bring a lot of changes , it will be a little bit confusing the users of this product for operating it at the first time. Compared to previous models , in this  iOS7, users can swipe on the … [Read more...]

10 New Features on Apple’s iOS7

ios 7

iOS 7 is the latest operating system from Apple that was launched justnow. iOS 7 is also touted as one of the operating system with the greatest change  since Apple released iphone first generation to iPhone 5S today .Of course the title as the operating system with the greatest change in the history of Apple is not without reason .known if the iOS 7 will be on the market with a myriad of changes and improvements .In addition to bringing a … [Read more...]

Simple Step to Upgrade iOS


Updating iOS from previous version to iOS 7  probably is a difficult  thing  for those who have never done it before. However, by following these steps, anyone  certainly  can upgrade his/her beloved Apple gadget to iOS 7. There are two major steps that must be done by the user in order to install iOS 7 on their iPhone or iPad. Here is the simple way to Upgrade iOS  to the latest Version : 1. preparation First,Check  your … [Read more...]

iOS7 Features | Tutorial of the Latest Features for iOS 7


Except those who choose to wait for Jailbreak version that's already stable, seems to almost be said the majority of users iPhone have  switch to iOS 7. Although it is undeniable that there are also some people who choose not to update because of the negative issues that are often perceived by users of iOS 7.If you are one of the users iOS 7 or intend to improve iOS, you'll find a number of changes and additional features that may look 'cool' … [Read more...]

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