Apple’s Data Centers are Now Fully Sustainable. But is Our Gadget Habit? | iOS Rumors


THE Customer DATA centers run by Apple are now entirely fueled by renewable energy, as are 75% of all its corporate facilities, according to the company’s recently released ‘Apple and the Environment` report. But despite the commitment demonstrated by building one of the world‘s largest solar arrays, as well as a biogas plant, beside its new iCloud facility in Maiden, North Carolina, the annual review of environmental impact also … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone 5 – A Sneak Peak


Introduction The range of elegant, attractive, and stylish Smartphones from the Apple Inc. Needs no special introduction. You can hardly find anyone who hasn`t got any desire of having an iPhone. They are one of the most wanted and on demand series of Smartphones present in the world. A great majority of people is willing to do anything to experience the functionalities of an iPhone.  Since the release of first iPhone back in 2007 a huge … [Read more...]

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