Fact about iPhone 5C : it’s not a Garbage , it’s Just a Fullcolour Smartphone

iphone 5c

" We never had the intention for selling a cheap phone . Our main goal is to sell a classy mobile and give a great experience . Just we find the ways to do that with  a lower cost . " Those were the words that said by Tim Cook  in an interview with Bloomberg ( 19/9 ) , with Head of Design , Jony Ive , and Software Chief , Craig Federighi . Indeed , many people who complain with a price tag that are labelled for the iPhone 5C still … [Read more...]

New iPhone | Cheap iPhone That Will be Launched This September

iphone 5s gold

Many rumors about the presence of the latest iPhone that was claimed as "cheap iphone". From  the use of the body that made of plastic, to form shown in some pictures. The latest issue written by All Things Digital (ATD) about  the product that will be launched on September 10 because  the day  was known that Apple will launch the iconic device. ATD reporter Ina Fried added on Saturday,  the event on 10 September  is not  a launching of … [Read more...]

Fingerprint Scanner on iPhone 5S

fingerprint scanner

So is it true that news? The circulation of the photo is no longer true surprise, considering only days away for the birth of the iPhone 5S. However, it is not to be highlighted here. Recently, Phillip Smith, former CFO UPEK (biometrics), mentions that the Apple iPhone 5S will indeed carry the fingerprint scanner technology, and In the photo, give a little insight that would later adopt the iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor technology. it is … [Read more...]

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