Increase Your Productivity with Newlook of iWork and iLife


Recently,Apple announced The new look of iWork and iLife lines in iOS and OS X. This was done in order to bring the supporting system for their 2 new operating systems, iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks . For iWork , Pages now comes with a new design , in order to facilitate your work with this application . same with Numbers . Eddy Cue when presenting this lines  application update said that his team re-create this  application from the beginning … [Read more...]

Hatch : Love Your Pet in iOS


Do you still Remember Tamagotchi ? an interesting Monochrome game about pets.which we can cherish , nourish, and invite to play like a real pets . Not a few games in iOS which have digital pets theme like a Tamagotchi. Such as Hatchi a  favorite digital pets game , Tamagotchi Life , Petmonsters and others. They are present and enliven the iOS games with cute animals .But now , there is a new game , which undoubtedly has the potential to depose … [Read more...]

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