iPhone 6 : Rumour and preview

iPhone 6

 iPhone 5S and 5C have been released by Apple a few month ago. However , this does not make the company which has based in cuppertino stopped innovating . Reportedly , this time they are developing a prototype of the next iPhone that is expected as the iPhone 6 . Unfortunately , as is done in private , only a little information that can be known by the public until now . At least , there were about 6 things that will probably exist in Apple's … [Read more...]

True Love Make a song entered Top 10 iTunes

great love song

Love is not limited to space and time, although the beloved no longer accompany the real world. A 96-year-old grandfather named Fred Stobaugh write a love song with lyrics specially for his wife who had preceded him in April.He is not a composer or a musician too powerful, but unique, so his songs entered the Top 10 iTunes songs in the United States, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Luxembourg. Initially, Fred read an … [Read more...]

Simple Step to Upgrade iOS


Updating iOS from previous version to iOS 7  probably is a difficult  thing  for those who have never done it before. However, by following these steps, anyone  certainly  can upgrade his/her beloved Apple gadget to iOS 7. There are two major steps that must be done by the user in order to install iOS 7 on their iPhone or iPad. Here is the simple way to Upgrade iOS  to the latest Version : 1. preparation First,Check  your … [Read more...]

How To Sync Videos From Computer

Video App on iPad

To sync videos connect your iPad and open iTunes. Select the videos you want and click the sync button. The process for movies you have rented through iTunes is exactly the same but remember rented movies have an expiration date after which you won't be able to watch the unless you pay again. To delete a movie hold your finger on it until the cross appears and tap this. the file will then be removed. Using the Videos App in 5 Easy … [Read more...]

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