iWatch: What’s the tech going to be like?

iOS 8 for iWatch?

iWatch: What’s the tech going to be like? We’ve heard about the people working on the iWatch, but what will the watch be like? For much of this we must rely on analyst predictions and speculation. Sizes ranging between 1.3-inches and 1.5-inches have been put forward as possible iWatch stats, as has a much larger 2-inch screen. LG is making the screens: According to a Korean news source, LG was awarded the contract to produce the … [Read more...]

Apple iWATCH Rumours, Review and Specification

iWatch: Everything We Know

Apple iWATCH Rumors, Review, price and Specification Nowadays watch is not only as a timer, but also it becomes the unique lifestyle for every single people through the world. Your watch your personality, it can be the take line to describe the rule of watch movement. Surely, watch becomes an accessories which often wearing by people when they are working, going in for sport and doing many activities.  Right now apple recurs to blast off the … [Read more...]

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