From The Local Beautifull Girl Site , Cheated Acts , Untill The King of Social Networking World | Here are Some Facts about Facebook And it’s Founder , Mark Zuckerberg

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Facebook is a social network that currently get a lot of users in many countries in the world . However , before it was established , the Creator , Mark Zuckerberg , had to cheated first. Previously , Zuck a familiar call of Mark Zuckerberg has created a similar social networking site which oriented to beautiful women called Facemash . A site that features photos of pretty girls on his campus . This site provides an access to the user for … [Read more...]

They drop out of school , They do not give up , and Managed to write a Success Story to be A Billionaire

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Logically, the lesson that students obtained from school will become ' backbone ' for them in the future . but , there are some people who got their success although they droped out of the school . Science , education and experience are things that are very valuable in life and pople often  compete to get it . some way  to achieve what they want  of course through formal education at school or university . However , not a few people who … [Read more...]

Mobile payment system on Facebook

mobile payment

Facebook currently designing a mobile payment system features that can be used by users to pay for the transaction are available in a variety of applications on a social network created by Mark Zuckerberg. According to the BBC News, Tera Randall (Facebook spokesman) said that this feature is designed to help our partners simplify application online shopping services in the wider Facebook. Randall also added that this feature will be integrated … [Read more...]

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