Powerless Multicore Chip | MIT Development that has 110 Core

powerless multicore chip

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to develop a chip that has 110 cores. The goal is to improve performance but with efficient power consumption. Execution chip called the Migraine Machine is intended for mobile devices, PCs, and servers.it's called  powerless multicore chip. While chip makers are developing processors with 12 and 16 cores, the researchers at MIT makes processors with 110 cores on a chip the size of 10 x 10 mm with a … [Read more...]

Bet at home redefines traditional ways by enabling betting from your mobile device


When you can do banking from your mobile, why not betting? It surely is a fast paced world out there and the more you save on time and energy, the more you get to savor life. And how cool is that to reach out to a world-class gaming and betting facility like thebestbookie.comat the touch of your fingers? The world of sports is brimming with action and excitement and to keep up with all your favorite sport news might seem like a very daunting … [Read more...]

Access your Hosted Work PC from your Mobile Device

The world is simply an increasingly mobile place. Today’s business environment means that you are more likely to be on the move. As a result, you are unlikely to be tied to the same office space or the same PC as much as you once were. At the same time, you most likely have at least one mobile device from which you can access all kinds of information. Matching your mobile working life with mobile technology though has previously been something … [Read more...]

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