News Flash : Rest In Peace Hiroshi Yamauchi !

hiroshi yamauchi

Nintendo is grieving today. This is because Hiroshi Yamauchi, a figure that had catapulted the name of the company, Close his eyes forever.This is a huge loss for Nintendo. During his time as a president of Nintendo, Yamauchi himself was known getting many achievements. When appointed as an officials in the company at 1949, Nintendo was just a mock company that manufactured toys cards. However, Yamauchi dare to took a radical policy to … [Read more...]

Wii Would Like to Play, The iPad Way.


We all love the experience of playing games on our iPads, sometimes we love it a bit too much. If you are a serious gamer, chances are you might even have a Wii lying around for those times when you feel like gaming it up on a larger screen.  Or maybe you're like me, and you've got a stray wiimote left over from some hacking project gone-awry.  Whatever the case may be, if you own a jailbroken iPad and a wiimote you need to pair them up … [Read more...]

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