Using Your Notification Centre On Your Mac | Mac Basics


There's nothing worse than realising you were due in a meeting ten minutes ago, or you've forgotten a birthday. Luckily, Mountain Lion's Notification Centre can make such disasters a thing of the past. It can display little pop-ups on your screen to tell you about a new email, an event in your Calendar, a new iMessage, or a note you've left for yourself using the Reminders app. Notification also appear in the Notification Centre sidebar, which … [Read more...]

Guide To The New Features in Finder App On Mac | Mac Features


Every new version of OS X adds some enhancements and changes, and Mountain Lion is no exception. The Finder (the app you use to manage your files and folders) has seen some important changes to the way it works. They're all designed  to make it easier for you to use your Mac, and some will hit you at once if you've used previous versions of OS X, but not all are immediately obvious. That's why we've put together this guide to the new features in … [Read more...]

Backing Up Your Files With Time Machine | Mac Basics


Time machine is the default option for backup on every Mac running OS X since the introduction of Leopard (OS X 10.5) back in 2007. Although Time Machine wasn't the first backup software from Apple. It's probably safe to say it was the first serious application of its kind that the company has produced. As you'd expect, TIme Machine is integrated into the OS itself and is designed to be very straightforward to use. Connect a Mac-formated external … [Read more...]

How To Stay In Touch With Facebook in Your Mac | Mac Basics


Social networking these days means staying in touch with friends and contacts anywhere, any time. We're used to tweeting or sharing snaps from our iPhones, But Mountain Lion now integrates social networking, making it easier than ever to share pictures or web pages via Flickr or Vimeo, post to Twitter and more. Here we'll focus on Facebook, but the principle are the same for the other social networks supported. Once you have Facebook … [Read more...]

How To Discover Magic Trackpad’s Gestures | Mac Control Features

magic trackpad

Controlling your Mac using multi-finger gestures on a Magic Trackpad is one of OS X's key features and borrows from the touch screen experience of the iPhone and iPad, But remembering all the options can be tricky at first, so here's a useful guide to the gestures you're likely to use the most often. Remember that existing gestures which you might have used in OS X Snow Leopard, such as dragging two fingers up and down your trackpad to scroll, … [Read more...]

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