Profil : Steve Wozniak | Mastermind of Apple


Although it was once cheated by Steve Jobs as yet so nothing , in fact, Steve Wozniak never hold a grudge . In fact , he even helped Jobs in the world to build innovative technology companies , Apple . Initially , Wozniak who has expertise in designing and assembling the hardware to make a revolutionary computer called the Apple I. This computer from the hardware , circuit board , up 100 percent of the operating systems in an artificial … [Read more...]

Steve Jobs Prediction : The “Truck” will be Replaced

truk replaced

In 2008, the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, had ever made a comment about  the trend of the computer world in the future. At that time, he called the traditional computer or PC as a “truck” and modern mobile gadgets as a "car". "When we lived in an agrarian nation, all types of vehicles consisting of a truck because that's needed on the farm," said Jobs. but, Jobs also said that along with transition The state was becoming more urban with … [Read more...]

In Memorian of Steve Jobs , The perfectionist who made Apple became a Giant Company

steve jobs

Steve Jobs has gone, but he is regarded as one of the maestro who managed to raise the prestige of Apple until today.In the early days were Apple were pioneering success , Jobs has ever followed a tour of Xerox PARC research laboratory . on that tour , Jobs immediately felt in love with the technology which developed in the laboratory .On his return from the tour , Jobs expressed his idea to develop the technology at Xerox PARC more interesting . … [Read more...]

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