VMware releases View Client for iPad

VMware View Client

If you are an IT professional, or power-user, who has VMware View 4.6+ implemented on your machines,  VMware has a special present for you sitting in the Apple App Store!  They've just released a View Client app that will allow you to securely access your desktop machines from the mobile touch interface of an iPad. … [Read more...]

Play Ragnarok 2 online on Mac

ragnarok 2 online

For those who like to play online RPG game must know Ragnarok 2 Online.a popular Rpg that nowadays often played by RPG lovers.but,how can we play it in mac? This is the tutorial on how to run Ragnarok 2 Online on Mac without need to install Windows on Bootcamp .The things that are needed to run ragnarok 2 on Mac is VMWare application .Already have Windows XP or newer installed virtually, copy Ragnarok 2 Online which can be obtained from Lyto … [Read more...]

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