How Smartphones are Affecting Browsing Habits

Smartphones have really changed the way we surf the internet, how we do business and socialise with each other. However, many businesses are not yet prepared for these changes in browsing habits. If customers do not have instant access to your products and services via their mobile phone, then business because of poor web design. The big changes that have come with smartphones such as the iPhone mean that: ● Less people are accessing the … [Read more...]

Grow Your Company with a Dynamic Website


With the emphasis on growing your business in Caerphilly, your creative and innovative ideas can keep your company ahead of the competition with a powerful web design that drives traffic to your product. Because of the ever-changing landscape of technical advancements, the team with which you partner must be knowledgeable, talented, and skilled to create a website that is both functional and attractive simultaneously. Your team should know that … [Read more...]

Get Started with the Responsive Web Design


The online world is nowadays available to everyone, even to the kids. It is a digital world around and people are always staring at screens, be it computers, mobile phone screen or television screen. Mobile technology is always on the move for the better and with better connection speed every time. People now access the internet from their phones, laptops, tablets, computers, games consoles, work stations and this is a great challenge for the web … [Read more...]

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