Talking Rex the Dinosaur

Had Your Fill Of Virtual Pet Cats And Dogs? Why Not Put A T-Rex In Your iPad

The virtual pet is a strange sub-genre, and one which has been almost wrung dry of any entertainment value thanks to a string of uninspired and frankly cheap cash-ins that litter the App Store_ Largely thanks to the great animation and visuals for the titular beast, Talking Rex almost restores one’s faith in the genre. The expected array of options are present and correct, he will repeat your speech, react to one screen taps, feed, play and even fight with other creatures. What is most striking is the quality of the animation used on the titular dinosaur, the movement is fluid and the character model is well detailed and rendered. By removing the overblown comic styling of the usual virtual pet app, the experience of a pet T-Rex, strangely feel far more real than the expected cartoon cat or dog.

Talking Rex the Dinosaur

The addition of video editing tools to enable you to upload videos clips to the majority of social networking sites give users another layer to enjoy, which leads me to hope that other developers will take note and give this genre new virtual life. Alas we suspect Rex is a one off for the genre, as he is rather good.

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