The Best Free Android Tablet Apps

Perhaps you have an Android Tablet and you are wondering what some of the best free Android tablet apps are?  There are actually some really good ones and we will highlight some of the best ones here in case you are looking for a few for your Xoom or Tab.

Best Free Android Tablet Apps

Android apps can be used on the Android phones or on the tablets but to get the best experience you want to use an Android app that has been optimized for a Honeyomb tablet such as the Xoom or the Tab.  Here are some of the best free tablet apps.

USA Today For Android

USA Today For Android

This is a best free Android app for Android 3.0 and up.  It delivers the latest news, scores, weather, stocks and photos you’ve come to expect from USA TODAY.  Staying informed has never been this quick, easy or enjoyable.  The app is available for free right here.

Google Body

Google Body For Android

Here is another best free Android tablet app that is actually a very educational app for students in any of the healthcare-related fields.  With Google Body for Android you navigate and search an interactive 3D model of human anatomy. Google Body is a detailed 3D model of the human body. You can view different anatomical layers, zoom in, and navigate to parts that interest you. Click to identify anatomy, or search for muscles, organs, bones and more.  This app is for Android 3.0 and up and you can get it by clicking here.


AlertMap For Android

This is a great free Android app that was developed in response to the massive quake in Japan.  This app requires Android 1.6 and up.

AlertMap is a free real-time communication app that allows users to easily post geo-tagged reports, pictures, and video clips from the earthquake area, for everyone in the world to see.

It is helpful for those in affected areas of Japan to have access to real-time data, whether it is pictures of damage or unidentified people. By facilitating the direct flow of real-time information, it is our hope that AlertMap will help in the recovery effort, and provide a new and efficient means of communication when traditional channels are stressed or lacking.

You can get AlertMap for free by clicking here.


CNN For Android

Another great news app for the Android Tablet.  The CNN app is probably one of the best done apps I’ve seen in a long time as far as news goes.  it is pretty addicting to flick through all of the stories and I’ve found that an hour can slip by pretty rapidly using it, so be aware.

With this best free Android tablet app you get the latest news, watch live video and iReport from the app.  Experience what happens when storytelling meets the newest technology with the new CNN App for Android – a smarter, sleeker way to experience a world of content.

Share and comment on news & insights, watch live, breaking news video, and submit your own story to the world with iReport.

You can get the app by clicking here.


OpenTable For Android

Here is a great free Android tablet app for those that like to eat out but guarantee they get a seat.  Get free reservations at 15,000+ restaurants in the US, Canada, Mexico and UKRestaurant Reservations – Free, Instant, Confirmed.

With OpenTable for Android you can make free restaurant reservations at more than 15,000 OpenTable-enabled restaurants in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. Plus, OpenTable members earn valuable Dining Rewards Points redeemable for Dining Cheques good at any OpenTable restaurant.  Get this great free Android app here.


Dropbox For Android

Here is one of the best free Android tablet apps for anyone that wants to store all their files in the cloud (internet) and access them at anytime.  Dropbox is one of the best cloud storage apps out there and they give you a free 2GB to start off with.

Dropbox syncs your files online and across computers for access anywhere.  Sync your files between your computers and your mobile device. Now you can browse the files in your Dropbox folder from anywhere! Share links to files, save photos and video from your camera to your computers, and open files using your favorite Android apps.

You can get the Dropbox app by clicking here.

Google Sky Map

Skymap for Android

Turn your Android tablet into an amazing observatory for free. This free android tablet app is one of the best ways to view the entire sky.  You can check it out here.

Grocery iQ

Grocery iQ For Android

This is definitely one of the best free Android tablet apps and you will see why once you use it – it is especially useful on the extremely portable Galaxy Tab.  Grocery iQ includes all the features you’d expect from a great shopping list app.

“Grocery iQ, the best of several grocery-list apps” – The New York Times!

Build new shopping lists quickly by: saying the item name or using predictive search.  Sync/share your shopping list with other Grocery iQ users.  Additionally, you can access current coupons while you are shopping!

Get this great free Android tablet app here.

There are some of the best free Android tablet apps.  We will cover more as they continue to be released.  What are your favorite free Android apps?

Originally posted 2011-03-20 10:39:36.


  1. Shane, what would be the reason that these are available on Android but not the app store? Why would you go with the number two platform before taking care of No. 1?

    1. Shane says:

      lol…well….I have 576 articles about #1…so I figured I could slip in one about #2 :-)

      1. No, I am not criticizing you, I was wondering why the makers of these apps have made them for android but not iPad. I am specifically thinking of google body.

        1. Shane says:

          LOL..I know I was joking back…I think that there are actually some amazing iOS 3D body apps that literally blow this out of the water – not sure if they are “free” but..they are amazing…

        2. Rob says:

          I was wondering why the makers of these apps have made them for android but not iPad. I am specifically thinking of google body.

          That’s like wondering why some Apple software is MacOS-only.

        3. Jason says:

          Why wouldn’t Google want to make some of their best software/apps Android only? Just as Apple doesn’t release a mobile iTunes player/sync’er for Android, I would not expect Google to try to draw people away from their own platform.

          1. Shane says:

            I agree – - and actually I think you hit the nail on the head because for so long the Android App Store wasn’t seen as a profit center for Google but now they are realizing that it needs to be competitive and so there will be more and more apps that are not shared between the two…

  2. Radhika Ray says:

    there are too many new applications being launched in android market off late. The customers are really spoilt for the choice but who’s complaining. More the merrier.

    But android has opened possibility of a whole new world of mobility and also turned fortune for samsung as a mobile handset manufacturer.

    1. Shane says:

      Hi Radhika,
      Thanks for stopping by! I do see a few more tablet apps and I’m really glad they are showing up…I think Samsung will have an even better year once their new Tabs are out.

  3. Aaron says:


    What is the best weather app for the Xoom (Honeycomb system)?

    1. Shane says:

      Hey there Aaron…I looked and looked but in the android market place there were no weather apps for tablets that I could even find…I did find many for the phones however but their tablet apps area is really lacking in good apps like weather ones…

  4. Mike says:

    Please consider trying iTriage, a free healthcare app. We just released a tablet version last week and would love to know what you think.
    Thanks for the article, I hadn’t heard about the Google Sky app, that looks pretty cool!

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