The Best iPad Productivity Suite Of Apps

When it comes to productivity and iPad apps, you have a ton of choices amongst the over 85,000 apps in the App Store.  But with the latest reports showing more and more people using their tablets to replace desktops and laptops then it stands to reason you might want to know how to use your iPad or iPad 2 for getting stuff done.  Here’s how you can do just that.

The Best iPad Productivity Suite Of Apps

The theme of the day sure seems to be “getting stuff done” using your iPad.  We also did a great article on some of the best Android Productivity apps as well.  Just today, however, I got an email about an updated new iPad productivity app and then I decided to see what else this company had to offer and what I found was an entire suite of apps that are simply amazing.  Hats off to Readdle for being able to make such an impressive set of useful apps.

Readdle was founded in 2007 and they have been making some pretty amazing apps since then.  Their first focus was of course the iPhone and now they have apps for both the iPhone and the iPad.  Their iPad apps are perhaps some of the best ones for pure productivity and generally getting things done as opposed to playing games or just consuming content.

Here are the apps from Readdle which make up one heck of a productivity suite.

PDF Expert ($9.99)

PDF Expert Productivity iPad App

It all starts with PDF Expert.  While there are many PDF apps out there for the iPad, this one still remains at the top along with the likes of GoodReader.  With PDF Expert you can read all your PDF’s, annotate them, highlight the text, take notes right on the document, fill out PDF forms, and sync right up with your Dropbox account.

Additionally, you can also open up very large PDF files and then it provides a really nice way to add and manage bookmarks (which is a huge plus for very large documents).

Readdle tends to update this app often as there have been issues in the past with forms and annotations but those seem to have been largely cleared up.

PDF Expert - Fill forms, annotate PDFs - Readdle

Calendars ($6.99)

calendars for iPad

One of the things that keeps us productive is a good calendar app and this is one of the best you can get to use right along with your Google calendar.  Using Calendars you can seamlessly sync right up with your Google Calendar and then be able to use it offline or online.  Using it offline is a huge advantage as you may not always have access to the Internet or don’t want to incur 3G charges.

With Calendars, you can view the week, day or month and all your events can be managed using drag and drop.  This feature alone makes it completely worth the $6.99.  Since the iPad is mainly a touch-based device then it makes sense to have full drag and drop for your calendar. Another great feature Readdle added was the ability to have the app send you text messages for upcoming events – this is a very handy feature as well.

Calendars - Google Calendar client - Readdle

ReaddleDocs ($4.99)

ReaddleDocs for iPad

This third component in your productivity toolkit is called ReaddleDocs.  This is an amazingly powerful file manager that can literally grab files from just about anywhere you have them stored including iDisk, Dropbox, Google Docs, your iPhone and more.  Then, once you get the files synced, they are stored locally (a copy) so you can use them offline.

ReaddleDocs has AirPrint support, text search, full two-way sync, and a great interface that is also easy to navigate.  This is as close as it gets to having a full blown file manager right on your iPad.

ReaddleDocs for iPad (PDF viewer/attachments saver/file manager) - Readdle

Printer Pro ($6.99)

Printer Pro for iPad

Adding to the list, Printer Pro could become your favorite printing app on your iPad.  This is actually a fairly new productivity app which also has a light version you can try out before buying.  At it’s most basic, Printer Pro lets you print directly to multiple wireless printers and of course to shared printers (via your Mac or PC).  It comes with some “helper” software that you can put right on your computer if you use this method.

Printer Pro allows you to print documents, email attachments, photos, contacts and web pages.  This app is also pretty unique as well in that you can easily print web pages by changing the web page address from http to phttp.

Another thing you can do is print directly from multiple online storage places like iDisk and Dropbox as well as ReaddleDocs itself.  Printer Pro definitely has some nice features and it stands out in the pack of iPad printing apps as it gives you so many wireless printing options.

Printer Pro - Readdle

Terra Browser (Free)

Terra Browser

Here is the last part of our best iPad productivity suite.  And it happens to be free.  The Terra Browser from Readdle is a best rated iPad browser that was just updated with new features.  The reason it is in the productivity category is because you can use it to get so much more done while online.

Some of the strengths of this iPad browser are tabs, full screen browsing, the ability to save web pages, perform full text searches, manage bookmarks, and the ability to make it appear that you are browsing from popular desktop browsers like IE and Firefox.  This is important because there are some websites that simply work better coming from a desktop-based browser.

The Terra Browser also has the ability to be password protected and locked and you can also turn on and off private browsing.

Check out Terra Browser here.

There is your iPad productivity Suite!  Now Readdle also offers online storage if you want to sign up and store your photos and documents there.  They make it pretty easy to get documents there by just emailing them.  The prices are $10/month for up to 10 GB or free for 512 Megs.


  1. Richard Kearney says:

    Just dropped my Ipad 2,I will have to pay 370 Euros to get it replaced.-Though everything works ;the the corner where one plugs in the ear phone in,is seperated .
    All your fans are invited to a 1 minute silence tomorrow at high noon to think about what a dummy I am and maybe shed a tear for me.

    1. Shane says:

      Oh noooooo. I am so sorry Richard and I totally shed a tear….that sucks but hey when you get your new one drop by and tcgeeks will get ya an app :)

  2. Richard Kearney says:

    Has anyone addressed the issue yet; if iPads could take the place of desk tops and laptops how wonderful it would be for the environment ;it would be–Just one small article to dispose of. If I was king for a day I would declare that the latter would be forbidden to own by the year 2017.

    1. Shane says:

      Hi there Richard. I seem to recall an article a long time ago talking about it but then of course everyone pointed out that the iPad was just another device adding to the problem overall. But I disagree. I think that there is far more damage to the overall environment in manufacturing a a laptop than there is an iPad.

  3. Richard Kearney says:

    Has anyone addressed the issue yet; if iPads could take the place of desk tops and laptops how wonderful it would be for the environment ;it would be–Just one small article to dispose of.? If I was king for a day I would declare that the latter would be forbidden to own by the year 2017.

  4. Matt McLeod says:

    Terra Browser is not available in the Australian iTunes Store…!! DISLIKE!!!

    1. YIKES…sorry Matt..I was not aware of that and I really have to wonder why?

      1. Matt McLeod says:

        Hi Shane, yeah no idea either, just returns “this app not available blah blah blah”. Can get any inside info on a release into the “other” iTunes stores (ie the non-US ones)?

        1. Shane says:

          Sheesh….I would have figured this app would be available but come to think of it…I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that it has the content warning due to it being a web browser??

          1. Nils says:

            I downloaded Terra and love it. But for some reason it has disappeared from … pretty much the whole internet. It’s not on the Readdle website anymore, and I can’t find anything official regarding this app. What happened?

          2. TonyW says:

            It not listed on their site, unless the page is not available outside the US.
            Cannot say I understand why they would restrict it to US users only.

            1. TonyW says:

              Found the answer:

              Currently Apple took Terra off sales. Please note that Terra reinstallation is impossible at this moment. We will try to bring back our product as soon as it will be allowed.

              Best regards,
              Oleg Baranovskyi,
              Marketing Manager,
              Readdle Inc.

  5. Patricia Florenco says:

    Hi Shane, I am thinking of getting Pocket Informant but there are several other apps out there just as good. I am looking for a to do list, task manager and calendar all in one. I have a task manager, a to do list and a calendar all separtely but it’s getting annoying bouncing from one to another. Anyone have any suggestions or just stick with Pocket Informant. If PI do you need two different apps, one for iPad and one of iPhone? Thank you.

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