iPad 2 Sync Guide | Contacts, Calendars, Email, Photos

So you just got your new iPad 2.  Or you have already had your iPad and you want to know how to sync your contacts, calendars, email, photos, etc.  Great news. We have put together this guide to help you sync all your essential information.

The iPad 2 Sync Guide

One thing to keep in mind is that iTunes is involved with a lot of the syncing you will do with your iPad 2.  In fact, it’s a major part of how you will sync a lot of your content.  But you might also want to sync other calendars and contacts and email such as from Gmail or Yahoo.  We will cover most of those scenarios so you can get the most out of your new iPad 2.

Syncing Photos To Your iPad 2

iPad 2 Sync PhotosAll of the photos you have on your computer (mac or pc) can be transferred to your iPad 2 by simply telling iTunes where your photos are and then syncing.  When you plug your iPad 2 into your computer via the USB cable, then you will see an iPad icon in iTunes all the say to the left.  Click on it and you will now see some tabs in iTunes.

On the far right at the top there is a tab for “Photos”.  It is right here that you can tell iTunes where to find your photos for syncing.  Once you tell it where to find them, make sure you click the “Apply” button down in the far right hand corner and then re-sync.

This just applies to syncing photos.  There are numerous ways to transfer photos to your iPad as well.  Here’s a guide to help you with that.

Contacts, Calendars, Bookmarks, and Notes

You can sync contacts, calendars, bookmarks, and notes with applications on your computer across multiple computers and devices.  You can find the sync settings for these in iTunes on your computer. With your iPad connected to the computer, select your iPad (under Devices). Then click the Info tab.

For more details on syncing content on your iPad with your computer, click the sections below:


To sync contacts with your computer, choose Sync Contacts on your Windows-based PC, or “Sync Contacts with Address Book” on your Mac.

You can sync your contacts with:

  • Microsoft Outlook 2003 or Microsoft Outlook 2007 (Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7)
  • Windows Address Book (Windows XP and Windows Vista)
  • Address Book (Mac OS X v10.4.11 or later)
  • Microsoft Entourage 2004 or Microsoft Entourage 2008.


  • For best performance when using Microsoft Entourage and Mac OS X v10.6 or later, use Microsoft Entourage 2008. To sync data on your Mac with Entourage, enable syncing between Entourage and Address Book.
  • When syncing contacts, you can choose to sync all of your contacts, or only selected groups.
  • You can select a Default Contacts group into which all new contacts created on your iPad will be added.
  • Additional options for syncing include syncing your contacts with Yahoo or Gmail/Google Mail. You will need to configure it with the user name and password for your Yahoo or Google account.


To sync calendars with your computer, choose Sync Calendars or Sync iCal Calendars.

You can sync calendars with:

  • Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007
  • iCal
  • Microsoft Entourage 2004 or Microsoft Entourage 2008


  • For best performance when using Microsoft Entourage and Mac OS X v10.6 or later, use Microsoft Entourage 2008. To sync data on your Mac with Entourage, enable syncing between Entourage and Address Book.
  • When syncing Calendars, you can sync all calendars or sync specific calendars.
  • You can choose to sync only calendar events that have occurred within a specified number of days past.


You can sync bookmarks between your computer and iPad. When syncing is enabled, all bookmarks will sync. You can sync bookmarks with the following applications:

  • Safari (Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later)
  • Safari for Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (note that Microsoft Internet Explorer refers to bookmarks as Favorites)
This is the basics of syncing your iPad 2 with iTunes and the default applications.  But you may want to sync other calendars, contacts and email.  This is covered next.

The iPad 2 Sync Guide (For Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange)

So here is how to sync your iPad 2 with everything else.  These articles include information on how you actually sync and also some great apps that you can use to sync with as well.

  • How To Sync (All) Your Contacts With Your iPad 2
  • How To sync multiple Google Calendars with your iPad 2
  • Sync Firefox or Chrome bookmarks with your iPad 2
  • How to fix Yahoo! Contact sync issues-
  • Sync your iPad 2 using Webdav
  • How To Sync with Google (no apps required)
  • The top Google Calendar Apps
With the information above and the articles referenced, you should be well on your way to iPad 2 sync nirvana.  The one thing to keep in mind is that there are multiple ways to sync your iPad 2 with calendars, contacts, email, and photos.  Choose the method that causes you the least amount of headache but experiment to find which one fits your needs the best.
If you have found the perfect way to sync your iPad 2 with all your information, let us know in the comments!


  1. Melanie says:

    Hi Shane,

    Thanks for this super helpful article; it’s a nice all-in-one quick reference! I’m concerned about apps that I’ve downloaded in iTunes in preparation for the iPad I’ll (hopefully) be getting this weekend. I’ve been scouring the internet for tips on how to move apps from iTunes into the iPad without syncing it, because I want to be able to delete the apps from my computer afterwards, and information is kind of sketchy at best. I’m afraid that iTunes will force me to keep it all on my computer, or that if I delete them off of my computer, it’ll delete it off of my iPad… I know that I can “transfer purchases” that I buy on my iPad so that iTunes reflects it, but just don’t want the apps on my computer at all. Any tips would be appreciated!

    1. Shane says:

      Hi there Melanie,
      Thanks for the comment. I think I see what are you saying….so basically you have your apps and you want to store them somewhere that is not on your computer? And when you get your iPad, do you not want to transfer them back? or you do? I think i have a solution but want to make sure I understand!

      1. Melanie says:

        Hi Shane,

        Thanks for writing back so quickly. Basically, yes. I would like to backup my apps somewhere else (like on an external harddrive that is sometimes plugged into my computer, so it wouldn’t always be accessible) if necessary, and do not want iTunes to sync (or delete) based on what’s on my computer versus what’s on my iPad. So basically, I want to manually manage my apps, just like I manually manage songs/videos on my iPod. Is this possible?

        Unfortunately, while waiting for the iPad I have had nothing to do these past 2 weeks but obsessively read TCGeeks articles and peruse apps, so I downloaded a whole bunch into iTunes, thinking that if I got my iPad on Friday, I would just drag and drop the apps onto my iPad and then delete the apps off of my computer. Especially since one of the apps I had been eyeing suddenly went on sale for $0.99, so I bought it and have it in iTunes. Now I’m realizing with the whole synching thing, I may have just doomed myself… In order to keep iTunes from synching my apps, do I have to manually redownload all of the apps again onto my iPad?

        Thanks for your help and for being so thorough!

        1. Shane says:

          Hi Melanie,
          Well I certainly understand now :-)

          I was able to find this rather long tutorial which describes how to store iPhone apps on an external drive – but this would also apply directly to the iPad. It think this may shed some light on what you are trying to accomplish?


          1. Melanie says:

            Hi Shane,

            Sorry to keep spamming your site with my own personal problems… =/

            Kind of. Mainly I just want to manually manage my apps and be able to choose which ones I want to back up/sync. I think I’ll experiment when I get the iPad on Fri and see what happens since it’ll be new and I won’t have invested a lot of time into the apps yet, and wouldn’t mind if they got deleted off the iPad. And going forward I will not be buying anything from iTunes, and will instead get it directly from the iPad app store.

            Thank you so very very much for all of your help, I appreciate it immensely! I’ll stop now ^_^

            1. Shane says:

              Hi Melanie. I don’t mind at all. You are a reader and therefore a customer so come back anytime with questions :)

              I think the best thing to do above all is to experiment like you said, because at the end of the day it’s really pretty tough to manage the apps independent of iTunes.

              When you get apps directly on the iPad in the store that is still in iTunes, it just doesn’t look like it :-)

              I think this is one area I wish was better which is being able to manage everything all on it’s own!!

          2. Christian says:

            Hi mel ,
            All you need to do is open up a empty folder “call it iPad apps” on you external hardrive.
            In your iTunes folder on your comp you should find a sub folder called iTunes media inside that folder you should see a folder called mobile apps,you’ll find all your apps in there, copy and paste the apps you want to place in your external, then delete the apps from your mobile apps folder on the comp. Try it with one app first, one.you don’t care about losing , then sync iPad to see if it worked, I did this to free up memory on my comp freed up 3 Gb
            Hope it works for you

            1. Shane says:


              Thank you for that awesome solution. I may even do a blog post about this :)

              1. Christian says:

                My pleasure hope it helps ppl out there

  2. Harry White says:

    I did not find info relating the the syncing of ipad2 with Microsoft Outlook (2007). Can you explain how this is done?

    1. Shane says:

      Hi there Harry,

      Thanks for the message…are you trying to sync mail, contacts, or calendars with outlook? Or all 3?

      1. Harry says:

        All three!

        1. Shane says:

          Hi Harry –

          With Outlook – what email service are you using? Is it Exchange from work? Or are you using Outlook to get email from somewhere else? This is important because the iPad can sync with Exchange very well and if it’s another service it can sync as well but I’d have to know which one…like hotmail or gmail or another one?

          1. Tommy says:

            Shane, I would like to sync Outlook 2007 email, contacts, calendar and notes from my business. Our business uses Microsoft Exchangeon our own servers. How do I accomplish this?

  3. Sally says:

    Hi Shane

    I would like to manage emails on both Outlook on my computer and if I’m away from home do the same on iPad. If I download my outlook accounts onto my iPad will they disappear off my computer or stay on there too? Also if I send an email from my iPad will it show up on my computer.

    Also with my calendar if I download that will I still be able to sync it with mt PDA device?

    Thanks in advance


    1. Shane says:

      Hi Sally!

      Thanks for the comment. With Outlook, are you using that with Exchange or what email service do you have that you get your Email from? That will help me answer it better :)

      1. Dave says:


        First, you are providing some great info. I’m interested in setting up similar to Harry and Sally (very currious about their names), I’d like to synch my mail, calendar, and contacts. This is for personal use and I get my email through a pop3 account. I was wondering if I could set up to get email directly to my iPad2 from my pop3 account, but synching becomes an issue. Any suggestions?


        1. Shane says:

          Hi Dave – -
          Email with POP3 is definitely possible on the iPad 2 (and the iPad) as it’s really just having the correct information to fill in from your mail provider. I use 1and1 email and they have a help section where they tell you what info you will need. On the iPad 2, you go into the Mail settings and then when you add a mail account, you pick the option for “other”. At this point, you need some information from your email provider which most of them provide in their help section (I usually search for “pop3 setup”) or something of that nature.

          Now – that being said, here is where things get tricky. Pop3 was never meant to be a “syncing” protocol. It is literally a way to pull messages from your providers’ email server. And you generally have 2 choices – either to pull the messages or leave a copy of them on the server. Leaving a copy means you can also get them on your laptop or desktop as well. Some people choose to not leave a copy on the server and then once they are pulled down, they are not there any longer.

          That said, pop3 is not really truly meant to sync. However — IMAP is a syncing protocol. And IMAP is set up the same way on your iPad mail accounts (just pick “other”) and your email provider will have information for setting up IMAP as well……actually it’s the same setup as POP3 just different server addresses. Anyway…..once you get that setup using IMAP then it will actually sync.

          Is that confusing or helpful?

      2. Sally says:

        Hi Shane I have a number of email addresses that are linked to websites hosted with hostgator eg info@lifechangementor.com. All download into my outlook express account which is under my main personal google mail email address. They are POP3 accounts

        @Dave I’ve not met Harry yet ;-)

        1. Shane says:

          Hi there Sally,

          When you meet Harry let us all know :-)

          ok…so are you getting all this email then right on your iPad as well?

  4. Els says:

    Hi Shane,

    Thanks a million for putting this info on the internet, you are a great help.

    Thanks from The Netherlands

    1. Shane says:

      You are 100% welcome Els!!!!

  5. Cathy says:


    I have a question regarding transferring photos from my Mac to my iPad 2. I connected my iPad2 to iTunes and chose to sync only certain “Faces” from my Mac (iPhoto). I have lots of different faces on the Mac, but only wanted a few on the iPad2. It did transfer the requested “Faces”, but if any of those people appeared in a photo with another person I have set up in Faces, brought over a limited “Faces” icon for them as well.

    In other words, I have “Mary”, “Johnny” and “Sally” faces in iPhotos. I requested ONLY “Mary” and “Johnny” to be transferred to the iPad2. But because “Sally” appears in some photos with Mary and Johnny, “Sally” now appears in Faces on the iPad now. This is annoying because (1) it’s duplicating photos from Mary and Johnny and I don’t want to waste space, and (2) I don’t want these “Faces” on my iPad2.

    I hope you are able to understand my issue. It’s sort of hard to explain. Do you know of another way to transfer certain “Faces” without iPad assuming I want another “Face” just because they appear in the same photo?

    Thanks for your time.


  6. Lange Makki says:

    Hi Shane,
    got a business with 5 sales reps and 2 IPad’s.
    the sales rep takes the IPad to a customer and shows presentations and video’s.
    nothing funny so far..

    next sales rep takes the same IPad to another customer and shows presentations and video’s.
    and check his email. now trouble starts..

    next sales rep takes the same IPad and want to check his mail… now what to do?
    delete mail profile…

    I would like the IPad to have multiple profiles so every sales rep can ‘logon’ their own profile,
    like using a normal notebook or laptop.

    is this kind of profile software available? thanks from The Netherlands, Lange Makki

  7. Blue says:

    One particular question regarding syncing photos – after I plugged in my iPad2 to the Mac, and set up photo syncing, i noticed that the syncing process first run some “optimizing” before actually copying the photos to the iPad2. Since i wanted to copy all 7300 pictures the process took awhile and somehow my mac disk space got smaller for approx. 8GB. Im guessing iPhoto created some optimized versions of all the photos which it then copied to iPad2. Any idea what is the location of these optimized photos for transfer? Also, can i delete these versions without needing to resync all 7300 of them again?
    My Mac available disk space is critically low and just syncing photos with iPad2 caused this 8GB decrease in available disk space on Mac which I would gladly like to avoid in future photo-syncing.

    Any idea/comment is welcome. Thanks.

  8. Addy says:

    Hi Shane,

    I would like to be able to sync my ipad2 with Firefox sync on my Mac, is it possible? The whole reason I am trying to do this is to be able to use an app downloaded for the iphone but I want to use it on my ipad2.

    Thanks for any help,


  9. Sara says:

    I have a question. Once I sync my contacts and they are now on my iPad2, is there a way to categorize my contacts into different groups?


  10. Rick Carioti says:

    Hello Shane.
    I just came across this Tweet and find it very helpful. I seem to be finding that ipad2 and outlook express work fine together now that i set up a gmail ( imap) account. This supports folders or labels that really help me organize my emails and contacts. HOWEVER… If I am trying to sync notes as well as calendars and contacts, then I am going to have to spend the bucks to upgrade from outlook express. But you and other people only mention outlook 2003 and 2007.
    Question 1) IS OUTLOOK 2010 not compatible with iPad2? And,
    Question2) will I need to buy the entire MS Office Home and Business package in order to sync notes?

    I am trying to recreate the perfect contact manager for on the road use. I got used to using Act, Maximizer and Goldmine but they are not iPad friendly.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Rick Carioti

  11. Mike Drinkard says:

    After importing photos into my IPad using the SD Card reader, and synching with my PC, how can I find the photos that are in the “All Imported” or “Saved” folders. I want to create folders on PC so I can sort these photos and hopefully have them show up in these folders on my IPad after the next sync.

  12. debbie says:

    Hi Shane,
    I already have photos on my ipad2 that i transferred there from my cameras sdcard
    I now want to sync my songs photos apps from itunes wiil this delete the photos already on there ?

  13. Hamish says:

    Hi Shane – seems like you are the man with all the answers – so he is my convoluted situation! Can you help?

    Work email system – Lotus Notes
    Work email syncing to Blackberry
    Home email Outlook 2007 on Windows 7
    Ipad 2 – currently set up with pop email (suspect should be imap instead)

    Essentially want to mirror my calander and contacts across the whole lot.

    Have used CompanionLink to sync Lotus Notes contacts and calendar to Google Calendar
    Have set up Google sync on home PC to sync Google calendar to Outlook
    Ipad somehow seems to sync any appointments I directly enter into Google calander, but does not seem to see any of the other appointments that are in there by way of the sync from Lotus Notes.


  14. Hamish says:

    oh – and have my home email set up on the blackberry and likewise on the ipad (both as pop)

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  16. Jesse says:

    I want to sync my home computer that runs outlook with my iPad. Really looking to just have the email synced, if I put in a folder or delete that it does so on both the iPad and my computer. I have a comcast email account. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  17. KD says:

    I am currenlty syncing both my iphone and ipad over the air with my work Exchange Server Outlook at work. I am leaving my employer and thus my Exchange account. How can I save my contacts and calendar which are all linked to my work account?

  18. Meredith says:

    If I delete unwanted emails from my Hotmail account using my IPad 2, why do they still show up when I access Hotmail off my desktop computer? I want them to be deleted for good regardless of which device I’m using. Is that possible?

  19. [...] iPad 2 Sync Calendars, Contacts, Email, Photos | TCGeeks Mar 9, 2011 … With your iPad 2 Sync, here is how to sync all your calendars, contacts, email, and photos with mail … [...]

  20. Antonio says:

    Hi Shane,

    I’d like to sync my contacts and calendars from my MacBook to my iPad 2 and when I try, iTunes threatens me with deleting some of the stuff I have in the iPad. Is there any way to block this thing?

    Thank you very much. Greetings from Spain.

    1. Farhat Abbas says:

      Hello Shane,

      i wish to synch my Outlook Mac Task folder with my IPAD2. Kindly suggest how to do it and if i have to use any particular software.

      many thanks. Best wishes.

  21. Renea says:

    I had an email sent to my ipad2that contains pictures. How do I get the pictures out of the email and into my photo app so that I can flip through them?

  22. dave says:

    what a pain in the ___. Seriously, could apple make this harder. I (apple fan btw) can have my android set up to sync everything in less than 15 seconds by simply entering my gmail address. icloud better be an iclone of google.

  23. Shawnie M says:

    I’m a PC user and just recently god an Ipad2. I’m trying to take photos from my HP (in the order they appear on my screen for a slide show) and transfer to the ipad2. The transfer itself is easy enough, but the pictures transfered in, I believe, date taken order. I’ve changed things around a little in my “pictures” on my computer, however, the don’t transfer that way.

    What I’m trying to accomplish, is a slide show in a specific order to show before and after photos in a particular order. It seems once in Ipad 2, you can’t manage the photos, is that correct? Is there an app that allows this to happen to put them in a specific order? And/or.. is there something I can do on my PC to put them in a saved format to transfer the same to Ipad2?

    Thank you!

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  25. Grandma J says:

    Grandpa and I got an Ipad2 in order to communicate with out of town grandkids who have the same Ipads. We can’t figure out how to make the video call work and busy mom and dad put us in charge of learning about this.

    We have their email addresses in our contacts list and they have ours in their contacts list. So what are the next steps? (because we’re of a certain age, please make it easy for us!) thanks, Grandma J

  26. simon says:


    Dense question.

    Trying to sync outlook to the iPad. Where is the info tab as I can’t find it?

    Many thanks


  27. Hi
    I’m using through my MAc OS10 the Ipad2 and ive been syncing photos and photo albums that I create on Itunes.
    All pictures have been taken with the same camera, but at some point, some albums and photos included in this albums are not being synced to the ipad. It’s so weird because I create the albums in the iphoto, just like a did to all the others, but when I click to sync these albums in the itunes, it just doesnt push them up to the ipad.
    After some days, other albums were created, with new pictures, and those are well sync, but the other albums and pics are stubborn not to be sync to the ipad.
    I even readjusted the itunes to sync all photos, and believe that even that didnt work.

    Any ideas in how can I make them sync as well?
    many thanks

  28. Lisa says:


    Have just got an iPad2 and want to know if it is possible to sync or transfer emails/email folders from my macbook pro to the iPad2. I travel alot and want to use the iPad2 but will need to have access to emails that will be sitting on my macbook pro. I have synced the mail accounts with the iPad2 and am hoping that there is a way to sync or copy emails onto the iPad2. Thanks for any advise you can give me.

    Lisa TB

  29. Peter Hartnall says:

    Hi Shane,

    With my shiny new i-pad I was having a struggle following the instruction booklet to understand how to synchronise my calendars, contacts and notes with my imac.

    Then I found this web site. GREAT! You have written concisely and clearly information that I can follow easily. I am now a happy i-pad owner!

    Many thanks.

  30. Sunshine says:

    This helped me to a quick navigate, but I’m trying to sync my ipad2 across two different users? Can i do that? My husband and I share our imac (his side/her side). His side has all the itunes and “stuff” that he wants synced on the ipad, but my side has the ical that I keep updated. How do I sync the tunes/apps for his side at the same time I sync the ical from my side?

    Thanks in advance.

  31. Judes says:

    Morning Shane,
    Is there a way of transferring photos from our external hard drive straight to my IPAD 2 without having to download photos on my husband’s MAC? We are using his MAC as the “middle man” since the IPAD 2 does not have a USB connection. I also would like to pick and choose what pictures I want. I tried moving it straight into my “IPAD device” in ITUNES by dragging the picture folders but when I went to my IPAD, I couldn’t find the photos anywhere. You’re help would be much appreciated.

  32. Liz says:

    Lots of good stuff here and thanks. If I downloaded apps directly to my ipad2, can I also load them onto other iPads? Will they go to my iTunes on my computer when I sync?

  33. Kim says:

    I have apps that I can’t access all of a sudden!whats up?i have already sync’d it to my Mac !

  34. CarolR says:


    I use Yahoo mail, so all contacts on my iPad 2 are my Yahoo mail contacts. Is there any way to add a separate list of contacts (from my iPhone) for SMS messaging from the iPad?

    Thank you.

  35. Aldo says:

    i did the ipad2 OS upgrade and want to find my contacts, calendar, birthdays and photos. I have iTunes on my PC to do the synch. Pleae advise as have searched far and wide for this info in iTunes.

  36. Paula G says:

    Is there away to NOT put the music that is on iTunes onto my IPad 2?

  37. Steve says:

    I must say great syncing advice. Now for my issues and I Think I found the right place for answers. I need to sync my PC’s outlook contacts and calender with ipad and my blackberry 9360 all together? I have the upgraded ipad with the icloud but the sync wiped out the contacts and calender in my blackberry. Not sure if there is an easy solution.

  38. temovic55 says:

    Dear shane!

    A week ago I purchased a new ipad 2 and had it sent to the shop for installing the FACETIME and apps. as well. My concern is about the remote access thing !! Do you think that by any chance this guy will be able to access my ipad through his MAC? I’m pretty new for all these stuff and don’t know whether this thing could happen or not since i’ve heard that the opposite is quite possible! Please correct me if i was wrong!
    What shall I do if this guy can’t be trusted and did access my ipad ?

    Waiting for your reply,

  39. Erilda says:

    Is there any way to sync my iPad 2 with my iPad touch

  40. Dan says:

    I’m new to the iPad community. I have an iPad2 that I would like to sync my contacts from gmail. All the contacts are blank. I looked at google sync, but cannot find it anywhere to download from the App Store. What do I need to do so that the iPad2 Mail Client syncs with Gmail. Right now calendar and email works just fine, it’s just the contacts. There are no options on the iPad 2 to sync contacts under settings. Thanks in advance.

  41. Suzanne says:

    I am trying to get my Ipad2 to synch my contacts and calendar from Outlook (office 2007) at work. I’ve clicked synch in itunes but it still isnt transferring my calendar and contacts to the ipad. What am I doing wrong?

  42. Tesia says:

    Hi Shane
    Thanks for all your useful tips! I was so frustrated trying to do this crazy sync thingie with my photos on the iPad2. I just wanted to copy the darn things to my hard drive on my PC and then delete them from the iPad. Sheesh! Jumping thru all these hoops. So, being the old computer geeko that I am I started clicking on stuff. Lo and behold, I found all the folders of all the photos under my iPad in Windows Explorer. It was sorta like this:
    computer/tesia’s ipad/internal storage/DCIM/…and then a bunch of folders. Each one containing a few pictures. Seemingly randomly separated. I don’t know what the heck DCIM stands for..”don’t click it, moron??”

    Fearlessly, I clicked away. I tried copying one to my hard drive and then deleting it from the iPad. Voila! It’s on my PC and gone from the iPad.

    Sync that Apple!!

  43. Lynne says:

    How can I sync my contacts on AOL with my iPad? Thanks.

  44. Amanda says:

    I had my gmail contacts syncing with my address book on my mac (10.6 version, i think) and my iPhone 4, at least I think it was working properly because they all had the same number of contacts, but then I upgraded my phone to latest version and got my iPad and now they don’t seem to be syncing anymore. (But my email is still syncing, as is my google calendar on all 3 devices. What am I doing wrong with my contacts now? Thanks!

  45. Coryse says:

    I’m sure your articles are very helpful but how do I access them ? There does not seem to be any link. Also, you talk about clicking on an “info” tab, but where is this, on what screen?
    Appreciate your advice !!

  46. Claire says:

    Hi Shane,

    I’m having problems syncing my freelance work email and calendar with my Ipad 2 – I have successfully setup sync of email & calendar with my work email (university using microsoft exchange) and also my personal email (yahoo, no calendar to sync here)….but I am having real problems with my freelance work email which is provided by the people who did my website so it is a pop email account (I think – I’m new to all this terminology). On my desktop pc I use Outlook 2003 for my @consultresearch.co.uk email & calendar. I have followed my website provider’s guide for setting up link to Ipad but it will only receive mails from this account. It will not let me reply to a mail on this account nor send a new one – it says the server has rejected the recipient. Also, it is not picking up my calendar at all.

    Thus far I have not physically connected my Ipad2 to the PC – is this why? But if so, why have I been able to sync the other 2 (Manchester Uni & Yahoo) email accounts without a physical connection.

    This is all very frustrating as I only bought an Ipad to enable sync of 3 different email/calendars to make my life easier!!!

    Many thanks for your help!

  47. Lisa says:

    Hi, I have recently purchased an iPad2 and also have an iPhone. I use live.co.uk for my emails. How do I sync these together so that once I delete them off one, they are deleted off all? ( I need the instructions in basic blonde speak!) Thanks in anticipation. Lisa

  48. Yvonne says:

    Hi, I have managed to sync my calender, contacts with my Ipad but as I use my Ipad as my main calender, I cant seem to copy my Ipad calender to my laptop. Any thoughts?

  49. Merle says:

    Hi Shane,

    I’m tearing my hair because I can’t get my Yahoo7 contact groups as well as the full contact list to sync to my ipad 2 from my macair. Is there a way or am I trying to do something which is not possible?


  50. Kathy says:

    I would like my calendar from my Ipad2 to sync to my android phone. I don’t see a setting on the ipad for syncing. I was able to get sync my computers calendar to my ipad using itunes sync, but how do I get my ipad calendar on my phone?

  51. Jamie says:

    Hi Shane,
    So what’s the skinny on iMovie for iPad 2? I have read so many mixed reviews…. I want to be able to download video clips from my digital camera and camcorder to iMovie and make home video clips… From what I have been reading, iMovie does not support home videos.
    Any thoughts on this or if there any any tricks to overcome this problem?

  52. Terry says:

    Hi Shane. Is there any way to synch an old Palm Pilot calendar to my iPod and /or iPhone??? Thanks!

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  55. Mick says:

    Hi Shane,
    Just found this page and hope you can help. I have a new Mac Jr, an Ipad 2, and iPhone (last generation). I have had all 3 up, running and synched via I-Cloud for some time without issue, however, one this has bugged me….e-mail.

    I would like to be able to manage my e-mail from any of these three devices and have it affect the others. When I pull up my e-mail on, say, my Ipad, it’s all there. I’ll read it, delete some, answer some, forward some, but 2-3-4 days later when I turn on my Mac Jr, here’s 2-3-4 days worth of e-mails I’ve already read and dealt with. Same if I were to turn on the I-phone,….here’s all the same e-mails (plus new ones) again. Delete, delete, delete….seems like all I’m doing. I’m guessing it’s a setting issue somewhere but I have no idea where to look; I-Tunes, I-Cloud, the devices themselves?

    Can you help? And if it is a setting thing, can you please walk me thru what I need to do, step by step?


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  58. Foz says:

    Hi Shane,
    For some reasons, i deleted my yahoo email account from my ipad2 and then add it again but i lost lots of my contacts andvthey apear in whatsapp in only phone numbers, is there away to get them back.

  59. Jake says:

    We have 2 iPads a 3 and a mini for the purposes of our business our calenders must be synced. I am finding this impossible to achieve.

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