The iPad Version 2 | What Will It Have?

About a month ago we ran a story regarding the iPad IOS 4 top feature requests.  This was a random survey that we did and it was based on user feedback from Twitter/Facebook.  Today, The Apple Blog published an article which was just as intriguing regarding the next iPad, or iPad version 2.

ios 4 for ipadIn case you missed our original post based on speculation about the iPad iOS 4, here are the top user requests that people were asking for:

  • A File System
  • Multitasking
  • Wireless Printing
  • Less reliance on a Mac or PC
  • Improved Safari App
  • Clock App
  • Folders
  • Better Calendar App
  • Improved Photo App
  • Multiple User Accounts

It’s an impressive list to be sure.  But beyond iOS 4, what about the next iPad? (iPad Version 2)?  As it turns out, there was a survey done by German shopping site Gutschein-Codes of 3,000 consumers who weighed in when asked what they wanted to see in the next iPad release.

With every survey there will always be responses which are questionable but here are the results they published regarding iPad version 2 and the top six desired features:

  • 48% want USB
  • 44% want Adobe Flash
  • 42% want an optical drive
  • 38% want a TV Tuner
  • 30% waterproof or shockproof
  • 29% camera

There are definitely some interesting requests.  I would have expected the camera to be much higher on the list and I was surprised about the “TV Tuner”.  It stands to reason that iOS4 are software features and version 2 are hardware features.  Based on our own observations, and those of surveys, etc. I feel the next iPad could have these features for sure:

  • Front-facing camera (there could be front and back, but I feel front is more likely for video conferencing and iChat)
  • Dual Speakers (For stereo sound)
  • Flat back (I feel it will have a flat back like the current iPhone got)
  • Retina Display

ipad version 2I do not feel that there will ever be an optical drive or a USB port.  Apple is getting further away from this type of storage and moving more toward cloud-based storage.  The next iPad version 2, could even have a 7-inch sibling but for the sake of hardware changes, I think the 4 additions above are really safe bets.  I would love to see it have a flat back and a dual speakers with a front-facing camera (at the very least).

All of the other features will most likely happen in future version of the iOS.  iOS 4 and beyond will bring us greater functionality and a much-needed refresh.

So what features would you like to see in both iOS 4 and Version 2 of the iPad?  How do you feel about our predictions?


  1. Darryl says:

    I’m especially excited about being able to multitask with V2

  2. Robert L. says:

    My problem is waiting for the iPad iOS4!!! LOL

    I had not thought of dual speakers but definitely agree with that one.

  3. Darryl says:

    yeah dual speakers would rock, literally =)

  4. Hnw says:

    Clock App please

  5. Shane says:

    I hear that ALOT! I really hope there is one, but even so…I have a few other favorites. It just does not make sense that if the iPhone has a default one, why doesn’t the iPad.

  6. @tap2hck Has Flash+Multitasking on his iPad ;)

  7. i want the glass back like the ip4 w/ front and rear camera

  8. Shane says:

    Ha!! I want an aluminum back and it’s flat

  9. sublime says:

    flash support is a must

  10. Shane says:

    I agree – and I have to say that if Apple and Adobe don’t eventually get along then I fear a lot of people will migrate to another tablet platform….

  11. Jennifer says:

    Everything about the current iPad fits my current needs except for one feature… adding a mouse. I know there are solutions out there to add one, but the ones I’ve found all involve jailbreaking the iPad and I’m not really into that. My other “would like” is definitely the addition of a usb port.

  12. Shane says:

    I agree with you on the mouse! I would love to have one especially when I’m using my Keyboard dock. I actually reach over to click and there is nothing there ;-) The USB though…I doubt we will ever see. Apple is moving toward cloud storage, it ads more “bulk”, and could drain battery…but…that being said….they could pull a huge surprise and throw one in!

  13. Jennifer says:

    “I actually reach over to click and there is nothing there”

    I’ve done that so many times it’s ridiculous. LOL :)

  14. Dan says:

    SD card slot would be really useful

    1. Shane says:

      That would actually be VERY useful and thanks because I had not thought of that. My new mac has one that i use a lot. I think this sounds very plausible since it would not take up space, it would be easy to add and it would be something people would use daily. I bet we see it….

  15. John says:

    These ios 4 thing are all old news, they already announce that those will come… everybody wants them. In addition to better resolution display, better sound system, (i don’t like the idea of smaller screan… it is kinda pointless, why not just by the ipod touch?), i think i rather see something new such as built in wireless transmitter. That would be so useful for many people instead of going to plug in with wires and stuff in the car or in the room while doing other things, you can just tune it to an fm channel and listen to the songs.
    As for SD card slots, i dont think apple will put it on there, it is quite a waste of space and is not something everyone would use daily an.
    And whats with the optical drive? really? that is a total waste of space, they could instead put a bigger battery in or room for camera. on the other hand, usb slot as well as the flat back would be ideal. I really hope the built in FM transmitter comes like they have in Nokia cell phones.

    1. Shane says:

      Hi John,
      Yeah, I agree about iOS 4 being old news! Amazing and it’s not even really out. Interesting point on the Wireless transmitter! I had not even thought about that, but, in truth, that would be highly convenient. I do think we won’t EVER see an optical drive (I have no idea where that one came from) but the SD slot could come into play only because of the “instant transfer of photos” idea.

      I would, however, like to see a flat back instead of the rounded one it has now – and I can already envision various colors coming down the road…..

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