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Buying an iPad used to be a fairly simple. You either opted or the latest all-singing, all-dancing iPad direct from Apple, or sought out the less capable but much cheaper first-generation iPad on the secondhand market. Then Apple went and released two new upgrades within a year, and if that weren’t enough, introduced a smaller version in a shape of the iPad mini as well. Well, suddenly choosing a model become much harder. Here are some clues of what’s new and what’s the same on the new iPad review; compared to the older models.

New iPad Review – Currently Fastest iPad

Dimension > Bucking Apple’s trend, the latest iPad is very slightly thicker than the iPad 2 and also considerably heavier at 625g, compared to 601g for the earliest model.

Screen > Like the (now unavailable) iPad 3, the latest iPad features a ‘Retina’ display, offering a resolution of 2048×1536 on its 9.7-inch-screen – with pixels indistinguishable to the eye

Cameras > as on the iPad mini, there’s a front facing FaceTime camera, designed for video chat at 720p, with a higher resolution 5MP camera on the back. Both of these are massively improved over the iPad 2′s primitive cameras, which are almost so crude as to be not worth having.the new ipad

Battery life > Despite the higher-resolution display, battery life on the latest iPad has been improved slightly over the iPad 2 – thanks to no small part to the more power-efficient A6X processor.

Processor > Powering the latest iPad is Apple’s new dual core A6X processor, also sporting dual-core graphics. By Comparison, the iPad 2 has a dual core A5 – two generation old. Apple reckons the A6X is up to twice as fast as the A5X which was used in the iPad 3, but as usual take such claims with a mountain of salt. In any case, the latest iPad is certainly the fastest currently available, and great for games and apps.

Lightning Connector > Connector is 80 percent smaller than the old connector, saving space, and it’s also reversible, meaning that the cable doesn’t need to be the ‘right’ way around to plug it in. In addition, Apple also sells an adaptor to connect older kit.

More New iPad Review in The Future

Perhaps more disruptive was the simultaneous announcement of a new version of the existing iPad – including this new iPad review, a mere seven months after the Retina third-generation model had been announced. It’s become customary for Apple to launch updated models around a year  apart, alternating between fairly minor updates and more significant once each time. So the fact that many people had just made the leap to iPad 3 only to find their hardware superseded a few months later, for much the same price, wasn’t received particularly well by many.

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