The Top iPad Anti-Glare Screen Protectors

Do you have an iPad anti-glare screen protector?  If not, you might have wanted one at times when you try to read in the sun or anywhere that produces “glare” on the shiny glass screen of the iPad.  There are some great solutions for cutting down that glare and here are just a few of the top products you can get.

The Top iPad Anti-Glare Screen Protectors

One of the first questions you might ask is “Why Do I need a Screen Protector?”  Well, you don’t “need” one but it’s a good idea to have one if you are concerned with:

  • Screen glare from sun or lights
  • Better reading experience
  • Protection from scratches
  • Good resell value

The iPad screen is made out of very special glass and material since it is all touch-based.  Some feel the need to protect that as much as they can but there has been no indication of the “touch” ability wearing out…however….tablets are new so perhaps its best to be on the safe site and keep your screen protected.  Besides, if you have ever tried to use your iPad in sunlight or direct light…it’s nearly impossible to read anything so a good anti-glare protector is a much welcome accessory.

Here are the top-rated iPad anti-glare screen protectors with prices and feedback.

Moshi iVisor AG ($29.95)

Moshi iVisor AG

The Moshi iVisor is a 5-star rated anti-glare screen protector for your iPad.  It is an advanced anti-reflective protector specifically designed to work with the type of glass and material of the iPad.  The thing that makes this a very unique product is that it does not require tedious installation that results in air bubbles or any other hindered touch screen performance.

In fact, they have a patented design that allows you to install this in seconds and then you can enjoy their second generation anti-reflective film with clarity retained and speckling minimized.  This particular one may cost you more than some of the others but you get what you pay for.

Another interesting aspect of this particular product is that it is completely washable and thus reusable.

Here’s a comment from the Amazon store:

No more air bubbles, no more difficult installations, no more frustration with screen protectors. This is a wonderful product. I’ve used every kind of screen protector, from the cheap $0.50 ones to the expensive Zagg Invisible Shields. This offers the best protection and the easiest installation. No complicated adhesive procedures or spray bottles or squeegees. The protector only sticks to the black edges of the iPad and not the screen, so you will never have any bubbles under the screen. Easy to remove with no residue. The best!


Proporta Advanced Screen Protector ($13.95)

This is one of the newest iPad anti-glare screen protectors on the market.  It got great reviews, however.  The ultra high-clarity plastic that they’re manufactured from offers unbeatable protection for your iPad screen.

Proporta realises that sometimes applying screen protectors can be a bit fiddly, so each screen protector for the Apple iPad contains a screen cleaning cloth and an application card to make perfect-fitting quick and easy.The Proporta prevents scratching and reduces glare.  It can also be washed as well.

Since this is fairly new and there are very few reviews it could either be very good as they say or very bad. But the reviews that are available show that people really love this one.   It seems more about protection than anti-glare but they claim it does both.


Splash Masque Screen Protector ($14.95)

This comes in a 3-pack.  The Splash Masque is a 4-star rated iPad anti-glare screen protector.  It is a cost-effective, and convenient way to protect your iPad screen and reduce glare. The Splash Masque is made from superior quality 3-layer PET film imported from Japan. The film ensures zero-to-minimal bubbles during application, applies easily, and is reusable.

It can take a lot of abuse and protects your screen from scratches, dust, normal signs of wear. It has just the right level of thickness – not too thin to be ineffective, yet not too thick to impede the touch feature of your device.

Additionally, tt allows you to use your device with ease. Apply the Masque to your device and you will forget it’s even there, yet your screen will have the protection it needs.

Note that this particular one requires that you use a credit card or other flat edge to install it because if you do not do it right, you can get bubbles that show and you will have to keep installing it until you get it right.  That being said, here is a comment from Amazon:

I have tried 2 brands other than this Splash Masque for my iPad, and I have to say that this one is the best among all 3 – price, ease of installation, quality, and the end result. I have a hard enough time applying screen protectors on my phone, so I was skeptical of getting a good result with my iPad. I tried Zagg first, that was a complete disaster. Bought the Zagg at Best Buy and I was honestly infuriated at the expensive price tag for a worthless product.


There are a ton more iPad anti-glare screen protectors but these three represent the best ratings so far and they are also some of the easiest to install.  By far the easiest are the ones that you don’t have bubble issues with.  The iVisor is more expensive but with that one you are getting a bubble-less install.  It is also the best one for anti-glare with its second generation film.  The best best one would be the Splash Masque which is also a great product as well and less money.

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  1. Jim D says:

    As always, great review! And great info! Thanks!!

    1. Shane says:

      Thanks Jim. Did any standout to you?

      1. Your link to the Moshi iVisor does not go to the iVisor — it goes to MediaDevil’s Magic Screen Protector site. Might want to fix that…

        1. Shane says:

          Thank you Emilie

  2. So what about the view with the Moshi? I have the zagg and it is a bit glare-y. I am concerned about how my photography might look.

    1. Shane says:

      Hi Eric,

      Looking at it, it has the most “anti-glare” I have seen yet…I say that compared to the Zagg which is more of a screen “protector” than an anti-glare..and the Moshi focuses more heavily on the anti-glare aspect…

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  4. ha14 says:

    Important to increase ipad life a little longer than usual.

  5. Boilerette says:

    I remember putting my screen protector on. The first instruction was… “Wet iPad thoroughly.” I was thinking… Um, “Wet” and “iPad” should NOT be in the same sentence together… but it turned out well.

    1. Shane says:

      Ha! Same here. I had to really wonder how many people put too much water on it and ended up with a dead iPad that had a nice screen :)

  6. Jason Schneider says:

    dude zagg and ivisor make the only antiglare screen protectors that actually work at all! actually did a test and showed that most of the antiglare screen protectors on the market don’t even block 40 percent let alone 99 percent of the glare. anywayz thats my 2 cents love it or like it thats the truth!

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