They drop out of school , They do not give up , and Managed to write a Success Story to be A Billionaire

Logically, the lesson that students obtained from school will become ‘ backbone ‘ for them in the future . but , there are some people who got their success although they droped out of the school .
Science , education and experience are things that are very valuable in life and pople often  compete to get it . some way  to achieve what they want  of course through formal education at school or university .
However , not a few people who turned out to be successful and famous even they can not continue the formal education for various reasons .
However, it should be reminded that this does not mean education or school is not important,but the moral message that’s contained is when you stop trying and then stop everything .so,don’t give up to chase your dream.
Here are some people who dropped out of school or do not continue their education but managed to write a Success Story to be a Billionaire .
1 . George Eastman
George Eastman is a creator of Camera Kodak Company . He was forced to drop out of school due to financial problems . When 14 years old , his father died and he had to feed his 2 sisters and his mother .
And when he was 26 years old , Eastman trying to develop a process that is used in the photographic emulsion . In 3 years period , Eastman managed to make the dry emulsion disc and try his own photography business in 1880 and success .

technology founder
2 . Thomas Alva Edison
Thomas Alva Edison may be said to be well-known because of his many productivity and innovation that were used by many people untill this day . More than 1000 patents of technological innovation listed for his name .
However , Edison never received formal and normal education untill finished due to his illness . Even when at the beginning of school , before he finally dropped out of school , his teacher ever called Edison with the stupid .

He only lasted for 3 months in formal education and later his mother gave Edison a private education .
3 . Bill Gates
Bill Gates is one of the giant companies founder that are still standing strong untill nowadays called Microsoft . Gates was listed as one of the richest men on earth .
However, in the education , Gates ever droped out from school during his childhood . Issuance of schools not making Gates broke , he and his friend named Paul Allen founded a company called Micro Soft and eventually changed it name become  Microsoft .
4 . Albert Einstein
Similar with Thomas A. Edison , Albert Einstein is also famous because of his spectacular think and innovation . In fact he ever won the Physics Nobel for his theory of relativity and its contribution in the quantum theory .
When he was 15 years old , Einstein must be expelled from school . He continued his education a year later . When he entered the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology , he failed again .
5 . Michael Dell
Michael Dell had to get out of the college at the age of 19 years . With that failure , Dell does not stop trying or give up .
He began to develop and create an electronic device and set up a company named Dell Computer Inc. . From time to time , Dell Computer Inc. became one of the most bona fide company in the world .
6 . Steve Jobs
BestFriend and rival of  Microsoft founder , Bill Gates , also including in the one who has got several failures at his youth.

Before founding Apple Inc. and Pixar , Steve Jobs decided not to continue his education at Reed College days to start his business that’s now become one of the prominent companies in the world .
7 . Mark Zuckerberg
Can be said that Mark Zuckerberg is one of the youngest billionaire in the world . He was expelled from Harvard because of the social networking site that he created – Facebook – as well as his actions stealing data on his campus .

Although it should be droped out from Harvard , Zuckerberg was successfully proved that he is not a failure and now the results of his labor becomes world’s number one social networking ecosystem .

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