Tip: How To Get A Refund On A Bad iPad App

Ever wished you could get a refund on an app that went bad?  Sure, it may have cost only a few bucks but when you are frustrated and ready to see if your iPad will make a good frisbee because of a bad app, then it’s time to get a refund.  You may have thought this was not possible right? Well, it is possible and here’s how to do it.

iPad App Refunds

The first thing you will need to know about are the reasons that you will be able to get a refund.  Simply not liking the app or just changing your mind are not going to get a refund, but, here are some reasons you *can* get one:

  • The app is broken and will not function as intended
  • The app has a bug and the developer has stopped supporting it
  • The app has lost one of its former features
  • You didn’t mean to buy it; you either bought the wrong version or used the wrong account.  This can happen, for example, if your kids get a hold of the computer and go on a spending spree.

These are certainly not all of the reasons but they represent the most common ones for Apple refunding an app.  The thing to keep in mind is that the terms of service are “all sales final” so remember that it’s best to be polite, remain calm, do not call when you are angry, and provide a very clear explanation for the situation.

How To Get an iPad App Refund

Alright. You have a legit reason for getting an iPad app refund and you are all ready. So now what?  The first thing you will need to do is contact Apple.  There are two ways.  The first way is the best route to go but if you do not have iTunes on your computer then use the second way.

  1. Use the Purchase History pane in iTunes.  Go to the iTunes store, click to view your account and then click on “Purchase History.”  Locate the app you are having issues with and then click on “Report A Problem,” and fill out the corresponding form.  A tip here is to remain calm and explain the issue without using all caps or profanity.  Apple has some screenshots of these windows here.
  2. If you do not have iTunes installed you can contact Apple via the Web.  Go to this page, pick your country, then find the issue that is most closely related to your needs.  In this case, since there are officially no refunds, it’s safe to pick iTunes Account and Billing > Billing or App Store > Troubleshooting Applications.  Now follow the process through.

Apple will usually try to respond within 48 hours.  They may ask you to contact the developer and if they do, go ahead and email them asking to resolve the issue.  If that does not work then email Apple back stating that you contacted the developer but would still like an iPad app refund.

If all goes as it should you will receive an email from Apple letting you know your iPad app refund has been approved and the amount will be paid back to you in the manner which you paid.


  1. Ken Kingston says:

    Thank you so much for the advise just had a situation where my 4 yr old downloaded a free Smurfs app which allowed you to buy within the app. In twomdays he had racked up Eur 55!!!
    Followed your advise and with all credit to iTunes store the full amount is being refunded.
    Still have a problem with companies that produce apps that allow that type of exploitation of children, Capcom in this case.
    Thanks for the help!!

    1. Shane says:

      You are more than welcome! And I am very glad that this worked out and you are getting your money back! That’s very important.

      I have heard more than one story about kids grabbing up the iPad and purchasing multiple items in about 5 MINUTES time!

    2. nancy says:

      You can disable in-app purchases in the settings. Go to General > Restrictions and turn off in-app purchases, as well as disable iTunes and the ability to install/delete apps.

  2. Karen palling says:

    Hi Shane
    I have been searching to find out how I can get a refund on purchases that I did not receive for the bingo blingo app, unfortunately I have accumulated quit a sum of debt as the prices on the offer were/are different to the charges that were charged. Now the game has frozen.
    Your help would be greatly received
    Regards Karen

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