Tips for iOS7 : Swipe The Screen And Get Your Shortcut

Officially , Apple has released an operating system for their new version mobile products  , iOS 7 . Here are some interesting tips about iOS 7 .

In a statement , Apple said that iOS 7 brings a lot of changes and new features in it . Due it’s new and bring a lot of changes , it will be a little bit confusing the users of this product for operating it at the first time.

Compared to previous models , in this  iOS7, users can swipe on the various side of the screen to access something .

This new design aims for facilitating the users to navigate everything easily. Unfortunately , Apple forgot to tell you how to swipe the screen and what kind of thing that can be accessed by swipe it to the right or left , up and down .

Fortunately , Apple was kind enough  don’t change everything in iOS 7 . The company still leave traditional ways in earlier models that can be used as a reference for  iOS 7 users to learn the material .



To find out what happened , it is advisable to swipe it from all angles . From that random action, you will surely find many things such as swipe to the left , then you can access menu A or other .

The following general swiping can be used as a shortcut in iOS 7 .

From the lock screen , you can swipe from the bottom to the top right corner to access the camera .

swipe the screen

To access the Control Center , you can swipe from anywhere on the bottom even though the smartphone is locked or not. This way you can also use to access other applications such as Flashlight or time setup .

If you swipe from the top to the bottom , then the NotificationCenter menu will appear . On the Notification Center , you can find out what notifications you get . When you press the All and Missed buttons which are located on the top then you will get a notification from Gmail , Facebook and other services .

For instant access to browse Safari , you can do the swipe to the right and to the left in the back and forward buttons .

To access the search box , you can do a swiping down from any direction .

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