Touch Pool 2D For Android

Touch Pool 2D – Solid pool sim

You would think that a pool simulator wouldn’t work on a small screen. Touch Pool 2D, though, proves that you can port the intricacies of billiards on to a smartphone and not lose any of the fun.

Straight from the break Touch Pool 2D proves to be a competent pool game. For a start, there’s a whole host of options to tweak the game to your needs, more than the apps 2MB size leads you to believe. You have the choice of ‘cue power’ or ‘flick power’ to hit the balls with, as well as the ability to add spin to the balls and toggle the aiming methods.

You can even choose what table you want and what kind of pool game you want to play – there’s up to 15 games on show.

Touch Pool 2D For Android

And then there’s the fact the game gets even more interesting when you hook your phone up to another and play one of your mates.

We did have some niggles with the way you hit a ball. Once you line your shot up, you have to press the ‘play shot’ button then flick the cue to play the shot. If this action was changed into a tap, then it would make the game a much better experience to play.

But this no way hinders what is a pretty decent stab at a sports sim.

Originally posted 2012-12-09 09:00:22.

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