Transfer iPhone Photos To Your iPad Via Bluetooth Or WiFi

Transferring iPhone photos to your iPad in an easy way is a question a lot of people ask about.  There are a lot of people getting iPads that realize the lack of a camera means you can’t take pictures with it, but you sure can with your iPhone!  So the next logical question is, “how do I transfer my iPhone photos over to my iPad?”  Here I will show you a newly released app that answers this question!

Photo Zap
Category: Photography
Price: $.99

PhotoZap is a brand new photography application that transfers iPhone photos to your iPad.  It is iOS4 certified and while you need to install it on both devices, you do not have to purchase multiple copies.  Here are the features of this app:

  • Fast automatic pairing (it’s super easy)
  • Snap a photo using iPhone and directly transfer to your iPad (or iPod Touch)
  • Works over WiFi local networks and Bluetooth

I tried this out using Bluetooth and WiFi.  They both worked great.  One thing that you will want to be aware of here is that Bluetooth and WiFi use the same set of frequencies so it is recommended to turn one or the other off on both devices for whichever method you are using.  I turned off WiFi on my iPhone and iPad and it transfers a photo over Bluetooth as expected.

Using this app is very simple.  All you do on one device is select ‘Send’ or ‘Receive’. If you are sending, then you pick a photo, and then tap ‘Zap’ and then tap ‘Receive’ on the other device.  That’s it.  The photo is transferred.

I have to say, this is my top recommendation for transferring photos. It was fast, easy, and it offered both Bluetooth/WiFi options.

I give this app 5 out of 5 daily dogs for it’s low price and ease of use

Originally posted 2010-06-25 10:58:08.


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  2. widi says:

    help me for my ipad …i cant delete my foto in my ipad

  3. Patricia Florenco says:

    I need a little help pls. I can copy a photo etc. from the net and save it to my iPad2. My only problem is when I try to use a website to post the picture the “browse” is grayed out. I can blog to Blogger via BE Write app with no problems. However, this particular website will not allow me to “browse” my photo’s from my iPad2. Someone suggested iCab internet browser. Do you think it is this particular website i am using that won’t allow it? Ii can’t even do a copy and paste on it either. Thanks for any info!

  4. WHY do I have to use WiFi or Bluetooth to transfer a photo from phone to iPad or iMac? Why can’t I transfer using the USB cable??

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