Understanding Settings | A Guide to Using The iPad Settings

The iPad Settings is, as you’d expect, where you can tweak and personalize the inner workings of your iPad. Click on the cog icon and you’ll be transported to a control panel listing topics from wallpapers to Wi-Fi and everything else in between.

‘General’ houses the most commonly accessed and vital functions. Here you can add and remove Wi-Fi networks, apply a password, amend the date and time, change the language, plus more.

Elsewhere, each header will directly relate to the app in its title – so selecting the Safari header, for example, will give you the chance to customize setting for web browsing, such as blocking pop-ups, clearing the history, and opting for your preferred internet search engine. Meanwhile, ‘iPod’ offers you the chance to apply a volume limit or implement home sharing through your Apple ID.

If you want to change your email signature, your screen brightness or the iPad’s wallpaper, you can do it all in the iPad Settings.

iPad Setting

iPad Settings Quick Tips

Enable Restrictions And Take Control of Your iPad

If there’s more than one person that will be using your iPad –especially if it is a child or teenager – you might like to consider enabling restrictions for security purposes. It’s incredibly easy to do and provides peace of mind while you newly purchased iPad is in the hands of someone else.

If you would like to restrict certain privileges, selecting General > Restrictions in the iPad Settings will present a page of the most popular apps with settings to restrict. In the first instance you will be asked to set a four-digit Passcode and, once that’s done, you’ll be able to browse through the list of apps and select On/Off accordingly.

Possibly one of the most important areas for parents of young children is prevention of in-app purchases, and just a simple slide from On to Off in the Restrictions menu could prevent a hefty iTunes bill after a child’s gaming session. Additionally, you can set ratings that are relevant for the country that you’re living in to prevent unsuitable apps, games, music, films or television shows being purchased by children or teenagers via the iTunes Store.

However, perhaps one of the best features of the Restriction is the ability to approve multiplayer games or adding friends – a vital feature for parents of children of all ages, we’re sure you’ll agree.

iPad Setting Key Features

What You Can Do Within This App

Personalize Browsing
Select Safari in order to change your internet settings. Choose from three of the most popular search engines listed to pick your preferred option, activate AutoFill to save typing time and show/hide the Bookmarks bar. Within Safari’s security section you can choose to block pop-up adverts, receive a warning if you were to stumble onto a dodgy site, or simply clear your history at the click of a button. These options ensure you’re afforded full control over how you access the web.

Customize Email Settings
It’s possible to have more than one email account accessible from your iPad, which is great if you’re running your own business or working from home. To add or delete these go to the ‘Mail, Contacts and Calendar’ section. While you’re here you can tweak how many recent messages you can view, whether you’d like to preview a line or two of these when they’re displayed in a list, and also change the font. For those that would prefer to attach a signature, sync events in your iCall or sort the order of your contacts, this is also double from within the Mail section.

Change Wallpaper
If you want to alter the iPad screen’s appearance then Brightness & Wallpaper houses the options to do this. The Auto-Brightness is controllable on a sliding scale function, which you can just press and drag left or right to suit. Meanwhile, the wallpaper image can be selected from the range of default pictures already stored on the iPad. Alternatively, you can simply pick one of your saved photos to from the backdrop.

As you’d expect, the Wi-Fi tab houses your internet network options. Your current network – if you’re hooked up to it – will be displayed in blue text with a tick to the left-hand side of it. However, if you’d like to add another network simply click on Other and you’ll have the option to input the new details and password. It’s great if you’re out and about with your iPad and you’ve been given permission to use another connection.

Animated Picture Frame
Digital photos have become the way of the world now, but that means the shorts often stay stashed on a computer hard drive. Fortunately the Picture Frame tab enables you to display your pics by using your iPad as an animated picture frame. You’re gifted full control of which albums it selects, how long each short is shown for, whether it zooms in on faces and even if you would like it to shuffle them up.

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