Use GPS On Your Wi-Fi Only iPad 2

Are you getting a Wi-Fi only iPad 2 or perhaps you still have not decided which iPad 2 to get but you want to know about GPS?  A lot of people wonder if the Wi-Fi iPad will do true GPS and the answer to that question used to be a pretty solid “no”. That is until now.

Use GPS On Your Wi-Fi Only iPad 2

Turn WiFi iPad into GPSOfficially, the Wi-Fi only iPad  does not do true GPS.  Those that want GPS capability will have to opt for the 3G iPad 2 since it has this ability.  However, a news report points out that you don’t need the 3G version of the iPad to get true GPS capabilities.  Turns out, all you need is your iPhone.

Remember that new feature in iOS 4.3 called the Personal Hotspot where you can essentially “tether” your iPad to your iPhone and use the 3G data connection?  Well, the iPhone also passes GPS information right on through to your Wi-Fi only iPad 2 (and iPad 1 as well).

It was confirmed that the Wi-Fi only iPad 2 (and iPad 1) will indeed receive GPS information from an iPhone via 3G as long you are using tethering, or the Personal Hotspot feature.  So as long as you have the personal hotspot feature enabled using your iPhone, then you can definitely (and its been confirmed) use your Wi-Fi only iPad to get GPS information and thus you can use the maps and all of the GPS iPad apps as well without needing to spend the money on a 3G iPad.

Originally posted 2011-03-16 22:50:30.


  1. Avanano says:

    Thanks for sharing that, but can you go some specific information about how to use iphone to do GPS?

  2. Dylan says:

    I am looking to buy an ipad 2 and i read this article and i was wondering if I couldget gps on an ipad 2 wifi only via droid x on verizon hotspot.
    Thanks for your help!!!

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