Using Facebook On iPad

To To connect with the rest of the social networking world, there is one application that you are going to need, the original and still the best, the official Facebook app.

Facebook was one of the very first apps that we ever installed on our iPad and we were eager to see how well it worked on Apples revolutionary platform. It was also during a time when there really weren’t very many good social networking apps around. A lot has changed since then and thankfully one of the things that has changed a lot for the better is Facebook.

When you open up Facebook the first thing you will see is that Facebook has a “Sync Contacts” feature. You are given the option to “sync” your contacts which basically will download their profile pic and Facebook profile address into your contact list. If you choose to
turn Sync on a confirmation screen will pop up telling you what exactly it will be doing. Once you confirm it will take a few seconds/minutes depending on the size of your contact lists to sync all of the relevant information.

There is a lot more of Facebook that you can actually get to now because the app acts more like a Facebook specific web browser instead of an app.

While this may seem like more a hindrance than a help it really isn’t because the app still loads just as quickly as all previous version did, even over a slower 3G connection.

As good as the interface and 5- the contact sync are the best feature by far is the Facebook app’s push notifications. That’s right, it is possible to know the instant that someone sends you a friend request, message or comments on your status without having to open the app to check your account. All of these push notifications and more are customisable from within the “Settings”. That means if you only want notifications for new messages you can have just that, or you can enable two or three specific types without turning them all on. All the key elements from the web based version are here and simple to access and use, from uploading a photo from your library or changing your status a few taps will answer your request.

If there has ever been any doubt as to whether this upscaled iPhone app is a worthwhile addition to your iPad, we can assure you the compatibility with the big screen is extremely fluid and functional. Whether you are a casual user and just want to save time, or if you are a Facebook addict and need to have access 24/7, this app offers plenty of customisable features to keep anyone happy. This is simply a must have app in our opinion as it takes all the functionality you could possibly want for the world’s biggest social networking site and enables you to take it out from your home and with you where ever you choose to go. It almost seems a cliché but the original reason for the social networking explosion remains the most vital way to communicate with friends and family and this blown up iPad version allows you to do that and so much more.

Use this guide to get started with the official Facebook application, from setting up your account, searching for friends, to uploading images. Bring your entire social network a little closer together.

STEP 1 Signing Up & Signing In.

Once the Facebook application as downloaded, tap the icon to activate the app and you will taken to the launch screen. Here you are given two options Signing in or signing up. If you have a Facebook account simply enter your details as requested and press the “Go” button. Signing up to Facebook couldn’t be easier, and you can do so via the iPad. Click Sign up to open a new window in Safari, and input the required details, confirming them via email and you are now ready to go.

STEP 2 Adding Friends Via Sync.

To get the most from your Facebook experience you will need to connect with your family and friends, your first choice is to “Sync” with your contacts list on your iPad. The app will search your contacts lists for anyone with a linked Facebook account and will add them to your friends list. You are also given the option to add or replace any photographs you may have set up in your contacts list with that of the profile pic on Facebook. Once the sync task has been performed you will be taken to the home page.

STEP 3 Finding Friends Via Search.

Having checked your contacts lists for potential Facebook friends and find yourself on the home page, click the search bar at the top of the page. This will bring up a keyboard enabling you to enter the name of individuals you wish to contact. Notice you have the option to search in one of three areas, Friends – Only searches within your current friends list, Everyone – searches the entire database of individuals and Pages — which are unlike profiles as they are not profiles or a person but instead a group, band, movie etc. NOTE  Some users will not allow you full access to their account until you are added to their friend’s list, so please ensure you have the right person before making contact

STEP 4 Adding Friends To Your List.

Having found the profile of the person you are searching for you can apply to add them to your friends lists and by return you will be added to theirs. To do this you will need to tap the ‘Add as Friend” button beneath their contact name. Having sent your “friend request” to the specific individual you will only become linked to their friend’s list and you to theirs when they have accepted your request. You will be informed of this in the form of a Notification which will appear at the bottom of the screen on the home page. Click the Notification link and if success your new friend will he added to your friend’s list.

STEP 5 Contacting Friends.

There are two ways of socially interacting via Facebook, you can post your comments, images and links to your wall, to do this click your Profile link from the home page and select Share Photo or Write Post. Your post will now appear on your main profile page and can be viewed by your friends. Alternatively you can contact a friend directly by sending them a message, by clicking the Message link on the home page and tapping the new message icon in the upper right corner. Or you can also post on a friend’s wall by accessing their profile from your friend’s list and selecting the contact options on the upper bar.

STEP 6 Expanding your Use.

Staying contact with your friends and family is the principle reason to use Facebook, yet there is lot more for you to explore. Clicking the News link from the homepage will give your updates on all your latest posts and those of your friends and make suggestions of new potential

friends, based upon links to mutual friends. From this page you can also quick link to uploading image or updating your profile status or tap “check in” to see links to locations of interest posted by local users or search for those of importance to you. Now you are equipped with the basics you can enjoy the Facebook app on your iPad.

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