Using Remote For iPad

Make your iPad the hub for all your home entertainment.

A key point of rhetoric in all of Apple’s announcements leading up to the launch of 10S 5 has been the demotion of the home computer from the ‘centre of your digital life’ to just another device’. The power and versatility of the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad mean you can perform the vast majority of tasks that were previously only possible on a PC or Mac on your mobile device, on the move.

Remote has been around for a while now but it adds further credence to the idea that your portable devices are the equals of your home computer. In fact when you use Remote it’s as if the iPad has become the master and your home computer is the servant. That’s because it enables you to control and play all your Tunes media remotely from your iPad.

It all runs off WiFi and all your devices must be hooked up to the same WiFi network for it to work. SO, if there’s anyone out there running different

networks for each device, we have one word for you — whaaaa?

Anyway, the first thing to do is ensure that Home Sharing is turned on for all of your devices to enable them to talk to each other. On booting up Remote for the first time you’ll see a blank screen. This is where your external devices will appear once you’ve synced them up. To turn on Home Sharing all you need is your Apple ID and the password that you use to sign in to iTunes. Once you’ve signed in, all devices on your network – your iPhone, another iPad, your computer’s Tunes library, Apple TV – will appear on the main screen.

You can then select the one you want and access it remotely from wherever you are in the house. Select a track from (Tunes for example and you can start playing it, pause, skip back and forth and perform all the functions that you could if you were sitting at your computer.

If one device isn’t loud enough you can even stream songs simultaneously to multiple devices so you could have a track playing on your iPhone, Mac and Apple TV through your television simultaneously, all being controlled from the iPad. An independent volume control appears on screen for each device, enabling you to create the perfect balance.

Remote provides a really convenient and very simple way to control your entertainment media remotely. It’s not only for music either with all you iTunes content available including movies, podcasts and so on accesible.

For Apple TV users it also provides a very valuable additional function, although whether by accident or design we couldn’t say. Apple TV, if you’re unfamiliar with it, is a device that hooks up to your television and enables you to stream movies and video content from the likes of Youtube straight to your TV. If you have one, you’ll probably have noticed the distinct lack of any control buttons on the device whatsoever. Apple’s love for minimalist design precludes them from ever installing any sort of buttons unless they’re deemed absolutely necessary. The result is that Apple TV can only be controlled from it’s equally minimalist remote controller. If you lose the remote controller, you can’t use your Apple TV, it’s that simple. With Remote installed on your iPhone or iPad you no longer have to worry as you’ll be able to control it from your iPad even if it the remote controller goes missing.

Remote Summary

Remote gives you access to all your movies and music across your devices seamlessly. It’s another fantastic app from Apple that should be one of the first things you download. In fact it should come preinstalled with i0S 5 but it doesn’t. Not that it really matters though, since it’s free. Apple TV owners should get it regardless because that tiny remote controller is almost guaranteed to get lost eventually and you’ll be stuck without it!

Remote User Tips.

Setting up Remote is pretty straightforward but here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. You must have Home Sharing turned on on all the devices with which you want to use Remote. In iTunes you’ll find the option in the Advanced pull down menu. On the iPad and iPhone just tap the settings button. On Apple TV it’s in the settings menu. Enter your details on each device and they’ll automatically find each other over the network.
  2. To play music through more than one device simultaneously, tap the speaker to the right of the rewind, play and ff controls then tap the ‘multiple’ button. You can then select the devices you wish to activate and an independent volume control will appear for each.
  3. Apple TV owners, go into settings and turn on Home Sharing immediately, even if you don’t plan on using Remote. If you lose your Apple TV remote controller without turning on Home Sharing you won’t be able to do it. As long as it’s on you’ll be able to access it via Remote.

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  1. John Fischetti says:


    I can’t seem to get my iPhone and iPad devices to show up in the main Remote window. In fact I’m surprised you mentioned the ability to connect or play music from those devices. I’ve never seen that offered in remote – only the ability to control iTunes or AppleTV.

    I have Home Sharing on all of my devices and can’t seem to see those mobile devices – only the stationary Mac (iTunes) and Apple TV.

    Can you clarify further please ?


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