I Was Not Impressed With iPad 2 | Why Get an iPad 2 ?

At first I was not impressed with iPad 2.  Mostly because of the hype that surrounds an iLaunch and the rumors leading up to it.  In fact,  I kind of felt as if I already knew all about the iPad 2, so the only thing left was holding out for some completely astounding and shocking feature no one knew anything about.  But that didn’t happen.  So what we got was exactly what we all knew about.  And yet, as I type this I cannot wait to get in line and get mine.  Here’s why get an iPad 2.

Why Get An iPad 2

why get an iPad 2

As I’ve read all of the reports now on the bigger blogs about their thoughts on the iPad 2, I figured I’d add my 2.5 cents.  The fact is, I was really not impressed with the iPad 2 and mostly because of the massive hype.  You would have thought that the iPad 2 was going to literally turn water into wine.  Well, after the hype and the videos and the articles, I finally had some time to absorb what the iPad 2 is all about.

And now I want one. Here’s the reasons behind this decision.  Read this because it may benefit you too.

Hardware Features

One of the things I’m most looking forward to is that the new iPad 2 is lighter and thinner.  Now this might not seem like a big deal but actually it is.  I love the current iPad but most people generally agree it gets a little heavy after holding it for awhile.  So a lighter, more sleek iPad 2 will definitely be welcome in my hands.  Additionally, the shape has changed slightly and I feel this will make it easier to hold.  When you figure it’s 33% thinner and 0.2 lbs lighter, that seems like nothing but those that have actually held one say it’s very noticeable.

The fact that this as the A5 chip is also driving my desire to want one. Why get an iPad 2? Well, it’s simply going to be faster, more responsive, and able to handle larger and more complex apps.  This is a great thing because as time moves forward, we will find more and more reasons to use our iPad’s and the horsepower under the hood needs to be able to provide a great experience which the iPad 2 can definitely do.

The design is driving the desire.  Apple knows that good design will drive out desire to want an iPad 2.  Well, it worked on me because I think the design is absolutely stunning.  Just look at it and tell me you don’t want to hold one and start using it.

While the hardware features are great, that’s not what is really impressing me.  But here’s what is.


I did not realize this but the Facetime feature is amazing.  Imagine that all you need is your wireless network and two iPads to be able to see  your friends or family anywhere and at anytime.  This is groundbreaking and should not be underestimated.  Sure, there are webcams and they have been around for ever but this is different.  The ease of using Facetime makes it a much stronger feature and quite frankly means you don’t need to be tied to your computer just to have a videoconference.

This can bring families together. It can mean that if you are traveling for an extended period of time you will be able to still feel “at home”. It also means you can see your kids at college or see your aging grandparents more frequently.  How about a preschool which gets an iPad 2 and then shows the parents how their son/daughter is doing or to say “hi” during the day? How cool is that?

Facetime on the iPad 2 is a feature that can bridge that gap between impersonal phone calls and being able to see each other on a beautiful 10″ display.


Perhaps this is just me but I think this is a really great feature that makes the cameras something very useful on the iPad 2.  It’s not just about the back-facing camera, it’s about what you can do with it.  Tying this to iMovie was brilliant. It immediately puts that camera to use and let’s people actually create something.  Did I say create? Yeah, the iPad 2 gives us even more ability to make things instead of just consume things.

The HD Mirroring

With the new AV Adapter, you can now do mirroring.  This is amazing for teachers, presenters, and anyone doing training of any sort.  Mirroring means you can show your iPad screen and anything you launch right up on a big screen projector or TV via HDMI.  This is a killer feature for showing off apps and teaching.

The Smart Cover

If there was only one thing I loved more than the design of the iPad 2, it would have to be the Smart Cover.  This thing is genius.  It turns the iPad 2 on when you open it and turns it off when you roll it back.  It is thin, attaches in seconds, and can be used as a stand in either landscape or portrait mode.  Apple got it right with this cover and I can’t wait to have one on my iPad 2.

The Quality

Apple changed the structure of the iPad 2 to be more unibody and thus even more sturdy than the current iPad (which is definitely not flimsy).  This means there will be more people out there carrying it around, and because it’s also lighter, that is all the more reason to take it with you.  There is a debate about the size of the iPad being too big but with it thinner and lighter and more sturdy, perhaps this means it’s easier to take just about anywhere.

So when you put this all together, the hardware, facetime, imovie, the smart cover, and the overall quality then you start to see how Apple really did create the desire to either get one for the first time or upgrade your current one.  Are these groundbreaking features?  No.  But look at what you can do using them and you start to see how it’s very easy to not only be impressed with the iPad 2 but why you might just want one right now.

Your thoughts are encouraged!

Originally posted 2011-03-04 10:42:00.

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