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What Am I Looking For?

Quality stuff! I’m looking for original posts from guest authors. Mainly, tutorials/articles/freebies on tablet computer (iPad, iPhone, Android Device etc), product reviews, app reviews, and accessories.

Payment & Publicity

I offer payment for accepted submissions, or I will allow you to place your own Link Code in the page. The payment amount varies dependent on the style and quality of post. I can also offer to publicize you with a link to your site/product and an about the author section in the post you write.


All submissions must be original and exclusive to this site. Please, do not plagiarize. Submissions will be reviewed by me; not all will be accepted. Please note, your content may be edited before it is posted.

Submission info

Send your submission in plain old text and images. If you send a tutorial, please don’t forget to send images for the steps, as well as a final image preview. Also, include a short bio, your website and your twitter name so I can use that info in the ‘about the author’ section of your post.

Contact Nic@TCGeeks.com for more information and submission info.

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